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“Silver Bullet”, Pro-Touring, High performing, Flawless quality, Won 39 awards

  • Location: North Canton, Ohio, United States
  • Condition: Used
  • Make: AMC
  • Model: Javelin
  • Type: 2 Dr
  • Year: 1973
  • Mileage: 2901
  • VIN: A3C797P372918
  • Color: Graystone Metallic
  • Engine size: 401 Cubic Inch
  • Number of cylinders: 8
  • Power options: Air Conditioning
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Drive type: RWD
  • Interior color: Black
  • Vehicle Title: Clear

1973 AMC Javelin Description

1973 AMC Javelin w/ AMX Trim

“Silver Bullet”, Pro-Touring, High performing, Flawless quality, Won 39 awards out of 42 shows in the last 2 years, Featured in Hemming Machines March 2012.

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This build reeks with attention to detail, not only from the original owner and builder but the current owner who has had it for a couple of years, and brought it to the next level. The owner has been a client of ours for years, and every couple years he has us look for something that will be a real hit at shows, and this car has certainly been an example of that. The only reason it is for sale is he has been to all the shows, and has won awards and he wants to purchase another car and do the same thing.

Current owner purchased the car from builder Wayne Davis of AMC Obsession, Ownership, Knowledge, and Restoration. This car has had a complete restore, and custom rebuild from the ground up by Wayne Davis and his contractors and suppliers.

General Information-

* Fuel injected 401 Cubic Inch Engine

* Automatic Transmission

* New Fuel Injection

* New Vintage A/C

* Power Rack and Pinion Steering

* Wilwood Master Cylinder

* 4 Wheel Disc Brake

* Sport Seats

* ET Custom Wheels

* Aluminum Radiator

* Optima Battery

* Transmission Cooler

* Dual Electric Fans

* Billet Parts

* Braided Hoses

* Headers

* Suspension Upgrades

* New Console

* New Performance Radial Tires

* See Build Information Provided by Builder

* Two Sets of Keys

* Owners Manual

This is a Pro- Touring modified Javelin with added AMX trim, including hood, front and rear spoilers and AMX trim and badges.

Media Blasted then Painted by

Painted Dreams (Painteddrms.com)

Details Of The Build- Per Original Owner

*GM color: Graystone Metallic

* The car has won multiple show awards including Goodguys “American Thunder” award in DesMoines. It has won “Best of Show” at two Mopar shows.“Best Paint” and multiple class wins. Also won Gold AMO Nationals Detroit. This perhaps the most copied pro-touring Javelin since it was featured in Hemmings Muscle Machines.

*Corbeau Leather Racing Seats

*Control Freak Ind Front Suspension with Afco Coil Covers

*All suspension parts powder coated

*March Billet Saginaw PS Pump

*Flaming River Tilt Steering Column

*Flaming River Power Rack and Pinion Steering

*Momo “Race” Steering Wheel

*Road Race “Pro” Aluminum Body Rear Shocks

*Poly Motor Mounts/Trans Mount

*Detroit-Eaton Rear Springs

*Spohn Brackets

*AMC 401 Engine 9.5 Compression (pump gas)

*.030 Weisco Forged Pistons/Plasma Moly Rings

*AMC Forged Rods

*AMC Forged Crankshaft

* Internal Oiling Mods

*Front and Rear Bar Pak

*Repro Wiring Harness

*17” Minilite Team III LT-III Wheels

*Hedman Long Tube Headers

*Brakes, 4 Wheel Drilled and Slotted disc by Aerospace Components 4 Piston Calipers

*NOS Rear Taillights

*Aluminum Radiator with Dual Spal Fans

*Moser Solid axles

*727 Trans with Mods- See Sheet

*11” Torque Converter with 2200 stall

*Trans Cooler

*Custom Exhaust with Flowmaster 40’s

*Power Coated Gas Tank

*Internal Oiling Mods

*Edelbrock Aluminum Heads

*Comp Cams Cam Kit/ Roller Rockers

*Milodon Road Race Oil Pan with External Lines

*SFI Certified Harmonic Balance / Flexplate

*Serpentine Pulleys

*Mallory Unilite Distributor

*Sheet Metal Valve Covers

*Engine Color- Traco Gray

*Promaster Starter and Alternator

*Milodon Water Pump

*Bulltear Remote Filter Adapter and Dry Sump Pick-up with K&P Billet Oil Filter

*The heater box has been removed but is included with the car.

*The car was featured in Hemmings Muscle Machines in the March 2012 issue

Current Owner Show Information-

* 6 Best of Show

* 2 Fire Chiefs Choice

* 2 Best Chrysler Mopar

* 2 Peoples Choice

* 1 Administrators Choice


* We do not have the exact age of the paint, but it is the paint from the original restoration and build of this car done by the previous owner.

* It is flawless and of the highest quality show finish.

* In looking the car over very carefully I am yet to find a nick or scratch.

* It is beautifully and smoothly polished, and matches all the way around.

* We do not see any imperfections in the paint itself, and it is just truly an impeccable job.


* This body is at the highest quality of workmanship to be found!

* The body is absolutely what we would call near laser straight.

* It is beautifully done and we can not find any dents or anything that even resembles a light dent.

* The fits of all the panels look correct, and the gaps are all very similar.(See pics)


* When going over the car with a magnetic paint gauge we find that all of the panels appears to be made of steel with the exception of the rear spoilers, and the outside skin of the hood itself.

* In random samplings its typical of a show quality finish to have a little thicker use of materials, which is needed to get the body this straight.

Bright Work-

* All of the bright work on the car seems to be fastened and secured properly to the car, and we do not see any damage to any of the pieces.

* The mirrors are only a couple years old, and we do not know the exact age of the stainless surrounding the windows, wheel wells, and other bright work. It all looks either like that of a new car or of a car that is just a couple years old, and shows hardly any wear at all.

* All the bright work is very bright and shiny, with the proper type shine and finish.


* The roll-up windows and the rear glass have the PPG Solex emblem. The rear side windows are Guardian, and there is no specific designation on the windshield.

* All of the glass is nice and clear, and we did not notice any discoloring, delamination, bull-eyes, cracks, or wiper marks.

* The windshield having maybe just a couple of pin head size nicks from normal driving. The drivers door glass has several light vertical scratches that are almost unnoticeable, and are typical from the window mechanism.

* The rear glass does have some light scratches, and wear that shows when under extreme bright fluorescent lights. (See pics)


* The owner described the interior as being all of the original, and factory style design with the exception of the front seats, steering wheel, steering column, and the electronic gauge in front of the shifter. In other words they may not be the ones they where born with, but they are all original OEM components.

* The sun visors have good material with good stitching and hard backing. The headliner does have a little bit of wear, and there is some discoloring to the bright work of the dome light.

* The door panels are all in good condition with a little age showing. All the rear seating material seems supple, and the carpet certainly looks like a newer replacement with good color, and not showing wear.

* The interior chrome components show minimal wear, and the interior has custom AMX monogrammed floor mats.

* The dash and gauges all look nice and clean like that of a car just a couple years old.

* The dash houses the controls for the vintage air conditioner system which is built into factory style vents. (See pics)


* The trunk is covered with a black felt material that is all in good condition.

* Look at the attention to detail in the trunk jams, weather stripping, and the back side of the trunk lid where the locking nuts and hardware is fastening the spoiler in place.

Tires and Wheels-

* BF Goodrich/ Radial T/A

* Current owner bought tires recently.

* We do not see any damage to the tires or wheels of any form.

* The owner installed the raised white letters from a company that produces them, with the proper glue to apply them to the tires.

* Left Front- 245-45-17 9/32 Tread Remaining

* Left Rear- 275-40-17 9/32 Tread Remaining

* Right Front- 245-45-17 9/32 Tread Remaining

* Right Rear- 275-40-17 9/32 Tread Remaining

Engine and Transmission-

* Look carefully at the large number of pictures of the engine bay. You will notice there is an extensive amount of aluminum, other bright work components, braided lines, after market performance items, and everything from the use of the Optima battery, and the vintage air condition system that has been installed in the last two years. You will notice the lines do not go back in to the fire wall, they go into the right side. Inspect the chrome or polished compressor, valve covers, ignition wire covers, factory fan cover. Wilwood brake system and power, chrome polished alternator, brackets, water pump pulley, ungraded filters, dual electric fans, aluminum high capacity radiator, headers. In front of the radiator out front is a cooler as well as other air conditioning components, and the owners custom labeling in the front. You have to really look and study to grasp the level of high quality components, and custom build that is incorporated in to this vehicle.


*Random chassis shots show a coated bottom side as the vehicle was meant to be driven. (See pics0

* The current owner says that he is not getting any seepage on the floor other than a drip here or there.

Mechanical -

* Drivers remote control mirror does work, as does the passenger side manual adjusting.

* Crank windows work on both sides

* Horn works

* Emergency brake holds

* Brake lights work

* Taillights work

* Marker lights front and rear on both left and right work

* Headlights work(Dimmer switch does not seem to be working)

* Blinkers on left and right work front and back

* 4 way flashers work

* Odometer works

* Speedometer works

* Tachometer works

* Clock works

* Radio works on F.M. & A.M.

* Fuel gauge works (per owner)

* Oil gauge shows right around 45 to 50 lbs of pressure idling and not warmed yet

* Alternator shows right around even

* Owner has a strap on wide view rear mirror with tinting, and the older style mirror underneath does exist but has some age showing to it.

* Tilt wheel works up and down

* Windshield wipers work(did not try washers)

* Fuel injection works and fires right up cold without using the gas pedal

Test Drive-

Chad rode a few miles with the owner, and than drove the car back. It steers very nice and quick with the power assist of the rack and pinion, and gives you that feel of real good control. The engine always starts “right now” with the fuel injection. It accelerates and decelerates just as you control it, and the transmission seems to up shift through the gears, and down shift when needed just as it should. The engine and the transmission have kind of a spirited performance to them. Upon braking the brakes stop you very quickly and smoothly. We did not notice any pulsation, or any pulling to the left or the right. It stopped very smoothly, straight, and you can see in the pictures the drilled rotors. This car is not real quiet inside because of the performance exhaust system.

Interested buyers please call Chad Gumpp

Mobile/Direct: 330-353-1750

Office: 330-452-5788


10% deposit ($1,000 minimum) must be received within three (3) days of the close of the auction and the balance due within 10 days of the auction. Extenuating circumstances may warrant us to revise the amount of deposit to protect the interest of the buyer and the seller.

Acceptable payment options:

Cash-in-person, verified by a bank

Bank to bank wire transfers to seller’s account

Cashier’s or bank check equivalent to cash

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