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1989 Alpina B10 3.5/1 - NO RESERVE - Genuine Alpina Automobile! E34 Chassis

  • Price: Ask a price!
  • Location: St Clements, Manitoba, Canada
  • Condition: Used
  • Make: BMW
  • Model: 5-Series
  • Type: Sedan
  • Trim: Alpina B10 3.5/1 (Like M5)
  • Year: 1989
  • Mileage: 96,013
  • VIN: 11111111111111111
  • Color: Black
  • Engine size: 3.5L Inline 6 cyl, 254 rated HP
  • Number of cylinders: 6
  • Power options: Power Windows
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Drive type: RWD
  • Interior color: Gray
  • Options: CD Player
  • Vehicle Title: Clear

1989 BMW 5-Series Description

NO RESERVE AUCTION If you are high bidder, ou OWN this car!
Alpina B10 3.5/1 # 242
VIDEO HERE - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dOsaOsYbG1M
Some Hi-res pics: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ck12hwfts8mxba4/AAC_QkTZ7QJ7banl-9Qx8AAwa?dl=0
More hi-res pics https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ktk3fr4yjxk2xsj/AADmJZQpqmanvQ9H-6BNHp1Qa?dl=0
The Car
1989 Alpina B10 3.5/1- About 155km- Automatic- RWD- Power Windows and locks- Dual zone climate control (AC currently not working) - Cruise Control - 3.5L Inline 6 - Rated at 254 hp- Limited Production (Number 242)
If you are not aware of Alpina, lease research it. Alpina takes production BMW vehicles and modifies them with engine/performance, ody, nterior and suspension upgrades. Alpina is considered a "manufacturer" and not a "tuner" in the automotive world. Alpina cars (of this vintage anyway) have the original BMW chassis VIN number on the firewall crossed out with an X and the new Alpina VIN is stamped to the strut tower.
The B10 3.5/1 is based on an E34 chassis BMW. Engine modifications produce around 40 more HP than a stock 535I of the same year. The B10 is equipped with the iconic front spoiler, in stripes and multi spoke Alpina wheels. The interior has the Alpina steering wheel, ecaro seats, oor cards and floor mats all adorn the Alpina colors and stripes.
Car is 27 years old and is a driver, ot a garage queen. But it is indeed a driver and was my daily car for a while. This car does have some issues.
Known problems:- AC Not working. I recharged it when I got the car and it lasted for 2 weeks. Now it leaks out within minutes. Guessing at an evaporator related problem or seal as refrigerant can be detected in the cabin when recharged. Works fine til it doesn't. - Rear trunk lid dent. (Visible in video) Dads friend dropped a bike on the back, ausing a dent and the ALPINA badge came off. (and is not present) - Front a-pillar dent. Various minor scratches and dings- Front struts are done. Car is a little bouncy in the front end. - Right Rear power lock not working. - NO BATTERY. Car was parked at a storage facility and battery was removed. I will not be supplying a battery. (read further to understand) - Original Alpina cluster was changed out at some point before coming to Canada. Records in Japan validated shown mileage at the time of export/import- Door cards are coming loose. (Pretty typical E34 issue) - Rear dash upholstery is lifting and faded- one door panel has lifting - Damage to side of center console where some device was mounted at some point in its life. - Alpina dash plaque fell off. (But it was left with the car when I parked it) - Glove box needs alignment. Latch broke and had to be replaced. Note the latch was not re-keyed and does not lock with the key. The glovebox is actually a little bit complicated as far as its mounting. It requires a little effort to get it aligned. These again are common E34 problems, ut cheap to address.- Brakes are intermittently not right. I'm thinking seized caliper. Sometimes when braking, he stopping power just isn't there. Other times it is. I replaced the brake booster check valve which can have similar symptoms if it is defective. However this did not fix the concern. Pads and rotors are fine. - Right rear brake pad sensor broken. It will occaisionally- Original Alpina wheels are due for refinishing- Body is decent. A little surface rust on the trunk lid where the damage is. Some rust underneath, ut not major. (See the drop-box pics for details) - Front passenger seat belt receptacle intermittently doesn't latch. You have to really jam it in there to get it to stay. I have seen used ones on ebay for $5 at times. - Drivers side lower dash panel not installed. I put in cruise (using OEM BMW components) and didn't get around to putting it back together. - Car is dirty in and out. I did not have a chance to clean it before it went to storage. a detail job will go a long way to making it look fantastic.
Work done- Various hoses and tubes under the hood. (Deteriorating rubber) - High pressure power steering hose. (Leak in the video turned out to be this hose which is replaced) - Blower motor regulator (The "Sword") - Brake booster check valve- Rebuilt Fuel injectors installed(injector O-rings were deteriorating) - Exhaust Header gasket replaced- Headers ceramic coated while they were out for the gasket job
The Story
This car was imported from Japan to Canada by myself for my father back around 2007. (I do not recall the exact date) It came to North America with about 114,000 KM on the ODO. At that time maintenance was brought up to date.
After a while, e sold the car to his close friend. Within a short period of time, aid friend sold the car back to my dad for fear of losing his license due to speeding violations. (The car travels well at high speed). During this brief time of ownership he managed to damaged the left rear portion of the trunk lid, amaging and losing the original Alpina trunk badge.
Shortly after getting the B10 back, found and imported my dad an E34 M5 Touring (which is what he was really looking for when we found the Alpina) The car sat un-touched for almost 2 years before I decided to confiscate (buy)it from him. My intention was to drive it as my daily drive (all year round) and just drive it. The car was located 2000 km away from where I lived. I flew out, icked up the car, ut in a new battery (the old one was toast), hecked the fluids and drove it all the way home. When I picked it up it had about 134,000 km on it.
I then made another couple of 1700km (each-way) trips and began to use it for work, f which I was a travelling sales representative.
The original BMW roundels were faded and falling apart. I replaced them with some ebay special Alpina ones. (This is of course not correct for the car. It is indeed supposed to have BMW roundels) I also added some eyebrows to the Euro headlights. (Complete projector style with city lights and Euro headlight switch)

Car was not originally equipped with cruise, ut I installed it. It was all pre-wired so I install all genuine OEM BMW cruise components from a donor car. Again, ower dash was not put back on after this install. I ran out of time.

I also picked up some wheels and tires for winter. You can see these wheels and tires in the video. As I said, intended to drive all year long. Note that the BBS wheels and winter tires are not included. The car is sitting on the original Alpina wheels and has decent summer tires on it.
There was an incident with a groundhog that cracked the front air dam and destroyed one of the fog lights. The air dam was repaired, ainted and genuine Alpina stripes put back on. Original fog lights were replaced with inexpensive aftermarket ones. Unfortunately the air dam repair was less than great. They did not refinish the entire air dam and only repaired the damaged area then painted the whole thing. This means that previous rock chips are very visible and it looks like someone painted right over them. (Which is indeed what happened) Fighting with the insurance company, hey say that is how things like this proceed and the repair is "satisfactory" to them. Needless to say I told that insurance company to take a hike. But alas, he airdam looks good from a few feet away, ut up close, ot so much.
Car is equipped with Alpine CD player with ipod cable.
Vehicle Location / Shipping / previews / storage
Note that the car is located in WINNIPEG, ANITOBA, anada. Winnipeg is the capitol of Manitoba and has an international airport, nd is located less than 1 hour north of the USA border at North Dakota.
That being said, am nearly 2000km away from the car. I had to move in a relative hurry for work and I stored it in Winnipeg. The car is at a commercial storage facility and they have a key. You can see / start the car during regular business hours with prior approval. (I need to call the storage facility to authorize visitors to the car)
I really cannot assist with shipping due to my proximity. However there is a SEARAIL (Livingston) terminal for rail transport and several trucking companies that pass through the area frequently. I would not be afraid to drive the car from where it is now to any North American destination. Fly into the airport, rab a battery (Remember, o battery included), lop it in, heck the fluids and drive home! In-transit permits are relatively inexpensive in Manitoba.
You can also leave the car at the storage facility virtually indefinitely. You will need to make the storage payments yourself though. Payments are very reasonable, nder $30 CAD a month.
For payment, e have several options.
First off, $500 USD deposit is required within 24 hours of auction end.
Then, will accept money order/draft, irect deposit, ire transfer or cash. I am in the Red Deer, lberta area. So if you are in my neck of the woods we can meet up to finalize things. I have the ownership documents and bill of sale with me. If you are not local to me, hen I can courier you the documents upon successful clearing of payment. If you want to pay cash, have a friend in Winnipeg who will handle the transaction. Once the deposit is paid and I have your info, will courier the documents to my friend. Then once he receives the cash from you, e will hand over the docs.
Overall, his is a very cool car to those in the know. I have been chased down on a couple of occasions by people who wanted to know if the car was genuine. Car is driveable as a daily for a fraction of the price of a mint-shape unit. Looks great, uns great. It is eligible for USA import. You can have an original Alpina for likely a lot less than many people sink into making "clones". I had this car on ebay once before, ack when I put it into storage. Since then the Canadian dollar has dropped a lot which means I can accept a lower USD amount than I was willing to accept previously. As well, was not selling it with the Alpina wheels before. Now it comes with the original wheels and NOT the aftermarket ones. So with this combination of things including past offers/bids, am now confident to sell this car with NO RESERVE. Yup. High bid gets it!
Disclaimer - The car has now been parked for about 15 months. In that time I have not seen it myself at alland a few potential buyers have gone to see it. I cannot verify if those people caused any other damage or stole anything. Bid accordingly or have someone local go see it.
The video was before the Air dam repair and power steering repair(Oil leak under hood) and does not have the OEM wheels on it, ut it is an accurate representation of the car's condition about 6 months before it was parked. I cannot get any more photos due to my location.

(Not a bi-turbo.)