1961 Chevrolet Bel Air Sedan - LOW MILE ORIGINAL CONDITION

  • Price: Ask a price!
  • Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
  • Condition: Used
  • Make: Chevrolet
  • Model: Bel Air/150/210
  • Type: Sedan
  • Year: 1961
  • Mileage: 52,500
  • VIN: 11569J160771
  • Engine size: 235 inline 6
  • Number of cylinders: 6
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Drive type: RWD
  • Vehicle Title: Clear

1961 Chevrolet Bel Air/150/210 Description

This auction if for a clean, drivers quality, 1961 Chevy Bel Air Sedan located in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
This car has about 52,500 miles on it. I say about because I still drive it occasionally, so the odometer is ever so slowly going up.
Now I'd like to define "Drivers Quality":
What I mean when I call this car a "drivers quality" car is I mean I have gone through it and made repairs and upgrades to make sure that it performs reliably everyday if you want to drive it that often.
- It has a new gas tank, fuel pump, fuel filter, and carburetor because the car sat for a while and I wanted to make sure the fuel system was good and clean.- I installed a Pertronics points eliminator kit into the distributor which gets rid of those pesky points so no more adjustments are needed there.- I did a tune up about 7000 miles ago. New spark plugs, new distributor cap, new rotor, and new spark plug wires. This was also when I installed the points eliminator kit.- I put in a Dillon aluminum radiator, a new thermostat, and an external transmission cooler, to make sure the temperatures stay at good levels no matter how hot it is outside, or what kind of driving you are doing.- The brakes have all been redone about 7000 miles ago.- New thin whitewall tires about 7000 miles ago.- And I put a class II hitch on it because I pulled a teardrop camper with it a few times on family road trips. The trailer wiring is routed through the trunk in the same clips used for the taillight harness, so nothing looks out of place. And I found an existing hole to run the wires out of. So I did no harm to the car when installing trailer wiring.
So "drivers quality" means I put a lot of effort into this car to make sure you can drive it whever you want and not have to worry about it breaking down. I have put about 8000 miles on it in the past year and a half and I haven't had a single issue with it.
The other thing about a "drivers quality" car is the body is really nice, but it is not show car perfect, so you don't have to worry about getting it dinged or scratched when you run to the store or just take it out for a cruise. The paint is original, but it shines up really nice with a wash and wax. But if you look close it shows it's age. And while I would call this car rust free, it does have a few blemishes that I will list below:
Starting from the front:
- The drivers front fender has had some body work and bondo put on it. The paint is matched VERY well, but there are a few cracks in the putty. From 10 feet away you can't see it.- The only body rust I have found are a couple bubbles at the bottom of the drivers front fender behind the front wheelwell. There is still paint, and the bubbles cover an area of maybe the size of a dime, max.- There are chips in the paint all down the trailing edge of the drivers door, probably from bumping it into things when getting in and out of the car. No rust, just chips in the paint.- There is a chip in the paint just above the rear wheel on the drivers side. Again no rust, just a paint chip.- There is a ding in the drivers rear corner of the car next to the taillight. No rust, a little touch up paint is brushed on it.- There is a blemish in the paint on the trunk. Looks like years ago someone might have set a rag with pain thinner on the trunk or something. I can't explain it, but there is still a glossy finish and it still waxes up just fine. It is just a little blog of discoloring.- And finally, there are several very small dings in the chrome trim. The chrome shines up very well and these dings are very minor. I am just telling you about them out of full disclosure.

The interior is in great original condition. The seats are clean, and they do not have any rips or tears in them. I installed seat belts even though this car didn't come with them. The belts are OE Chevy though, so they are not cheesy or out of place. They are the seat belts that would have come in the car had you ordered it that way.
The AM radio still works, and somewhere along the line an FM converter was installed. All the controls and gauges still work as well.
The headliner has a few very minor, and not very obvious stains in it, but other than that it is in great shape. The only other interior damage are some cracks in the vinyl on the armrests on the front doors.
The cranks on the vent windows do not work, you have to operate them by hand. If you want to fix this, Ecklers sells new cranks. I don't think they are too expensive. I just live with it like this.
And then for modifications, all I did for modifications is have my friend, and professional pinstripe artist, Monte Roach, do some work on the hood and trunk.
So, if you want a great classic cruiser that has been all sorted out, something that you can just hop in, turn the key, and drive, and something that is still affordable, then this is your car.
Auction is set for 7 days. If you win, a $500.00 deposit is to be paid within 48 hours of auction end. After that you have 1 week to arrange payment.
I would like the car to be picked up ASAP after payment, but short term storage can be arranged for a fee.
Thank you.
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EDIT: The deposit is non-refundable.