1929 Chevrolet Touring, excellent older restoration

  • Location: Lebanon, Missouri, United States
  • Condition: Used
  • Make: Chevrolet
  • Model: Other
  • Year: 1929
  • Mileage: 71988
  • VIN: 9AC51027
  • Engine size: Six Cylinder
  • Vehicle Title: Clean

1929 Chevrolet Other Description

Mention the year 1929 and most Americans will immediately think what has become known as “The Great Depression”. Certainly one of the darker times of the 20thcentury for the United States, three days of multi-digit losses on the New York Stock Exchange wiped out $30 billion in value and sent folks into a panic. The catastrophic loss at the time was an amount 10 times greater than the federal budget and ushered in a period of austerity unseen in modern history.

On a brighter side, Chevrolet began the model year with anew platform replacing the previous AB with the new AC, also known as the International. GM design chief Harley Earl drew inspiration from his sensational LaSalle design and created a car that looked much more expensive than it was.Earl retained the chassis from the previous model year and developed a car that was much lower (due mostly to decreasing the tire size from the previous year) and more modern in appearance.

The most notable change in the 1929 model year could be found under the hood. Chevrolet engineers has been tasked with developing a six-cylinder engine that could be produced for virtually the same cost as a four cylinder and introduced the basic engine platform that would be the company's standard for over a quarter-century. The new 194 cubic inch six-cylinder motor was advertised as “A Six in the Price Range of a Four” and proved to be true, adding only $10 to the vehicle cost and was $100 lower than competing six cylinder vehicles. That engine became known as the “Stovebolt Six” and, with some modifications along the way, was a mainstay in the Chevrolet line until the introduction of the 265 cubic inch V8 in 1955. Also, the 1929 models were the first Chevrolets to have mechanical fuel pumps in place of the problematic vacuum pumps.

Evergreen Digital Showroom offers this 1929 Chevrolet Series AC International touring car for sale.This car was restored several years ago and still presents very well. There are a few very minor imperfections that can be found but would be a welcome addition to the portfolio of virtually any investor/collector.

Evergreen Digital Showroom can also assist with arranging transportation at the buyer’s expense. For further information on this 1929 Chevrolet touring car or any of the vehicles represented by Evergreen Digital Showroom contact sales manager Steve Russell at 417-532-8000.


COSMETIC:There may be chips and flaws present on the paint. There may be imperfections on the chrome. Please refer to photos for issues specific to this vehicle.

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The cost of parts and restoration of vehicles in increasing almost daily. These are classics—they are not making any more and they become harder to find with each day that passes. Historically, classic and collectible vehicles have increased in value over time and been an excellent investment,typically appreciating at a higher rate than most other investment instruments as proven by numerous articles, records of private sales and auction tracking PLUS they provide a tangible asset that can be enjoyed every day. As with any investment, a positive return is not guaranteed and can be influenced by many factors.

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