1952 Chrysler Imperial Crown Custom with 331 Fire Power Hemi All Original

  • Price: Ask a price!
  • Location: Champion, Michigan, United States
  • Make: Chrysler
  • Model: Imperial
  • Trim: Crown Custom
  • Year: 1952
  • Color: Blue
  • Engine size: 331 V8 Hemi Fire Power
  • Number of cylinders: 8
  • Power options: Power Windows
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • Transmission: Tip Toe
  • Drive type: RWD
  • Vehicle Title: Clear

1952 Chrysler Imperial Description

Engine Runs and put car into forward gear and it moved.
I would like to ad that this car is 1 out of 205. In 1952 there was 205 Imperials made. It doesn't say how many Crown Customs were made but I would Imagine that it would be very few.
I have for sale a 1952 Chrysler Imperial Crown Custom. This is one cool car ! I will start with the specs.. Car has a 331 V8 Hemi with the Tip Toe 4 speed Transmission. This car is all original from what I can tell and is not missing a single piece. It is 100% complete. This is the top model that had all the bells and whistles like power window, power steering and disc brakes and more etc.. I would go more into details on the car itself but everyone that knows this car knows what it is and how rare it is and there is lots of info on the internet about them. This car is a True Classic with a V8 Hemi.
Now for condition-- The body itself is in very good shape for how old it is. It is not perfect by any means but very restorable and not a rust bucket. There is a few spots that there is some filler? missing. Reason for the ? mark is because back when Chrysler made car of this era the metal wasn't always straight and perfect and they used a filler material to smooth the body out so it would be smooth and nice and they did this especially for their luxury cars. Their is no rust holes where this filler is missing and the metal there is 100% solid. So the external area of the body is rust hole free but does have surface rust as you see in the pictures. . All Glass is good except the drivers small window( not main window, the tiny triangular one) has a crack in it. Now for the Interior. The bench seats will need to be redone. The headliner is there and not sagging but has some holes here and there. The trunk is actually solid accept in the area by the rear tail light in the passenger side corner. That corner is mostly surface rust but there is parts in that corner that will definitely need metal. The rest of the trunk is in good shape and even where the trunk drops down to hold tire and jack is in good shape..Like the rest of the car any rusty area is surface rust not hole in the metal rust. The metal is Thick and Solid. Floorboards in the car seem to be ok except the drivers area and the corner of the passenger side toward the front. If you are going to restore the car it would be better to do it right and do the whole floor pan in my opinion.
The engine compartment is rust free and looks good other then going to need a cleaning. Has all plates for for details of car . build and Vin et, Cool orange plate that states Made in Detroit by Chrysler etc. Mechanical the car is in need of brake work and a gas tank fix or replacement. Original gas tank is out of the car but is included and sitting in trunk in need of repair because of a leak. Brakes I have no clue but car sat in a garage for quite some time so with any car this old the brakes should be gone through any way. I understand this is a project car but like I stated it is very restorable and would make 1 very nice luxury car to drive to the car show. They bring lots of attention and the Jewelry on these Imperial Crowns they used in the day is just incredible and an eye catcher too. They didn't leave 1 thing out in 1952 with this car and was way ahead of its time for options. This is the 331 Fire Power engine that was the first of the Hemi's that they usually took out and used for T'buckets and other hot rods of the era. There is lots of options for upgrades on this engine out there or leave it stock so it stays all original. I would leave it all original and hope the new buyer does the same thing because like I said this car is not just a Imperia, It is a Imperial Crown Custom and they did not make many of this version. You would of had to been wealthy to buy this car in 52. Title is clear...
The reason I am selling the car is that I can not store it indoors any more at my shop because I need the room. Also I do not have the $ to restore another vehicle Atm and I honestly just want this car to go to someone that is going to be able to restore it right like it deserves.
If the Chrysler Imperial sells for BuyItNow Price I will deliver the car for free within 500 miles. I may go a little farther then 500 miles at a discount. If Auctioned the buyer will be responsible for shipping from Marquette MI(My shop) to your destination but I am willing to help load the car etc for the buyer or shipper you hire or if you live within 500 miles I will deliver for the exact gas $ and some $ for my time. (Not looking to get rich off shipping, will be resonable) Just message me for quote..
Well I hate to see the Imperial go but I need the room in the shop and I don't want it sitting outside to rust away so I hope it will find a new home with someone that loves this car like I do. Thank You for looking at my AD and Happy Bidding!! Please remember I will be posting more pics up in next few days..
Any questions Call 906-236-9520 or message me. 0 to LOW feedback may be removed from bidding at my discretion. If you have 0-Low feedback please call me or message me on here so I know your legit and not a spammer...Thank You ...