Citroen ID19 1961 No Rust California Car / Citroen DS 19,20,21,23

  • Location: Sacramento, California, United States
  • Make: Citroën
  • Model: AX
  • Year: 1961
  • Mileage: 121630
  • VIN: AC613086020
  • Color: blue
  • Engine size: 1911CC
  • Number of cylinders: 4
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Vehicle Title: Clear

1961 Citroën AX Description


For your consideration.We have A 1961 Citroen ID19 that looks amazing.This particular example is one of the nicer drivers out there.The car has been a California car since new it is only a 4 owner car.I am representing this car for its owner of the last 9 years it is only up for sale in order to make space for another classic Citroen.

This car is not a quick flip it has been enjoyed and maintained properly.Regular fluid changes and service nearly 12K worth of service has been done by Citroen specialist Lon Price in the owners 9 years of ownership.Including all 5 wheels have been powder coated all of the tires are the right tires for the car and in great shape.New Motor mounts,Axel Boots,New hoses,Rebuilt The Brake & Hydraulic system and many other things to sort this car out have been carried out.Upon request I have copies of the receipts as well as The title.I am also always happy to answer any questions you may have 602/423/9942.

Please note The car is in Sacramento not Arizona.

What does this car need ?

This car drives great and is ready to drive.It only can use a few minor things such as the fuel gauge is not accurate that is a easy fix.The hood hinges are tired but still usable,The Windshield washer needs repair,The rear view mirror is lose,The spark adjuster needs service,The car also also needs a spare tire strap.


About the DS/ID also known as The Goddess.

Many of you who are reading this add already know but for those who do not.

In 1955 at The Paris auto show The DS debut it was the most mind-blowing car the world had laid eyes on.The car looked nothing like other cars of the day whether in Europe or The USA.But beyond its spaceship like sleek looks.The car drove better then anything else of its day suspension that still puts modern cars to shame.Front wheel Drive and Inboard Disc brakes a engine designed to slide under the car in case of a front end collision a steering wheel designed to push you to the passenger side instead of through your stomach.You could even drive the car on 3 wheels or in a ditch just flip the height adjustment up and drive away.These cars where safe and where good on fuel use as well.The DS19 had a semi automatic transmission and hydraulic assist on the steering and the brakes where controlled off of the hydraulic system as well.

The DS was such a legend of a car that it has been voted Most Beautiful car of all time buy a panel of car designers and important car folks in Classic & Sports Car magazine.The car was named 3rd place in Car of the century in 1999 and 5th Coolest car of all Time by Automobile Magazine,And countless other Car critics and designers have said similar things about The legend of the DS.

So what is the difference between The DS & ID ?

Well there are many slight changes depending on the year but the simple answer is The ID19.Has the same body as The DS and many of the features of The DS including the awesome suspension however it is a little more stripped down version of The DS,And many folks prefer it as it is a little easier to maintain.Another plus is since this car is a 61 model year built in 1960 car meaning it is the first generation of The DS/ID range.The ID 19 is a bit more user friendly and this car is one of the nicest early cars to come around for sale in a long time.


What makes this car rare?

Well All D models these days are rare even in Europe.But more so here in North America.Back in The 1950`s 60`s 70`s rust proofing was not like it is today hence most of The Citroens where driven on salty roads and not taken care of well the result was yes of course lots of rust,And The D models rusted out and either got scrapped or used for parts.But it is amazing how many basket cases are still around and trying to restore a basket case is not cheap.So it is hard to find cars that are in good shape and early cars like this one are very hard to find.Another cool factor is it is a California car even with the old California plates.This car will turn heads anywhere you go.