Citroen GS Pallas.

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  • Location: Berkeley, California, United States
  • Make: Citroën
  • Model: GS
  • SubModel: Pallas
  • Type: coupe
  • Year: 1979
  • Mileage: 121,000
  • VIN: 67GB3263
  • Color: beige
  • Engine size: 1129
  • Number of cylinders: 4
  • Transmission: 4 speed
  • Drive type: FWD
  • Interior color: brown
  • Vehicle Title: Clear

1979 Citroën GS Pallas Description

Great little car here. I have owned it for 7 years, & I'm only selling because I bought another one in a different color. It was just time for a visual change. I like the model enough to drive one daily. I've owned a few over the years. I buy parts on eBay of France, or check with Western Hemispheres in CA for maintenance items.
This one has the higherrevving &desirable112, and a taller ring & pinion from an Oltcit ( That cost me $1700 as I had to buy a whole car in France & pay someone to pull the tranny out & ship it to me. ) Love these little cars but they were not geared for American highways. Stock they were unacceptable. Accordingly 1st is now taller, so it's not a great hillclimb car, but if you live on level freeways it's a delight.
Most everything works, even the clock. I'm a ferrari mechanic ( check out my shop eddinsmoto ) & this has been my personal ride for years. I have fixed the stuff that wasn't right. Exhaust, brakes, clutch, gauges, tuning; it's a turn key driver.
Problem areas ?
The drivers window comes unglued from the track every three years. I'll fix it again before I sell it. The paint is a refin in original color. Starting to go a bit flat on the roof, & a paint crack in the left front fender. Right rear brake squeeks sometimes despite a pad change & caliper overhaul. Rust in bottom of doors on the outside skins, but doorframes & sills are good. some minor rust in floor, but as GS go, this one is solid. Some suspension patter over bumps. I replaced the upper A arm taper bearings & tie rods & ball joints are good. Lower A arm bushings starting to age. It has all the US DOT & EPA paperwork & is on a French title. I bought it from a Guy in Maine who had just driven it around Europe. He said Maine doesn't tilt old cars so he gave me the French title. Warning: If you live in California you cannot title a 1979 car due to CARB, so don't buy it if you live there.
Overall, a great driver. Not alot of power, but it glides well on freeways. Always starts. Some smoke on startup if it has been sitting & parked on a hill, but runs clean. Oh, the cheap heater switch on the dash lost it's cable so I turn the heat on under the hood for winter & switch it back off for summer. I think that's everything. I'll leave with a quote from LJK Setright on the GS:
The Citroen GS was no rocket, but it shared with the SM the best steering geometry ever built into a production car. Production was what was amazing about the GS: to mass-produce a car with powered hydraulics for self-levelling, ride height, and braking – not to mention a most elegant air-cooled flat four engine, an immensely strong gearbox, an aerodynamically exceptional body, and detail felicities beyond number – would have been beyond the ability of half the world’s mass-producers, and beyond the comprehension of the other half. If the SM demonstrated systems, the GS demonstrated logic, and if the Fiat 128 has been inadequately acknowledged as the most influential car so far, the Citroen GS deserves the appraisal as one of the most meritorious.Zero castor, zero camber, zero kingpin inclination: with so many corruptive influences removed, any messages conveyed by the steering were likely to be true.
And there you have it. Thanks for looking. Oh, mileage is inKilometers.
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