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1967 ford mustang 390 gt fastback 4sp a/c #matching

  • Location: Saint Charles, Missouri, United States
  • Condition: Used
  • Make: Ford
  • Model: Mustang
  • Year: 1967
  • Mileage: 171,000
  • Vehicle Title: Clear

1967 Ford Mustang Description

Real, numbers matching 1967 Mustang GT 390 4spd A/C car!!!!
This is a locally award winning drivers car! Not a trailered car! If you are looking for a trailered car, this is a great base to start with! Hagerty would insurance this at 60K+ (52 plus 10% for manual and 6% for A/C). Although in the fall sometime I use this as a daily driver without any issues, meaning I think it's better than "good". Still using points.
So why am I selling my dream car....well I'm super busy and I live in Missouri. The weather is not the best for classics so I don't get to drive as much as I would like. . It's been sitting for about 1.5 months prior to yesterday. Fired it right up and took it for a small drive. Looking to get something more modern so maybe I can drive on rainy days and such.
TO THE WINNER: I have some original owners pics and a log book he kept of every gas up until 150k miles.
What is awesome:-Would drive this thing anywhere.-I'm the second owner, see pictures for first owners. I've owned it for 5-6 year now I believe. Original owner bought it, then moved to CA, then to Idaho.-Only slight surface rust was noted in engine bay when I bought it. Very well taken care of with no rust. Solid car! Of coarse cleaned this all up.-tons of original parts (nothing thrown out) come with the car (2 large totes) plus lots of other parts I've collected just in case. including original wheels/hubs.-Has a period correct spare!-Original muffler (see video)-Rebuilt motor 20k miles, rear end, brake lines, front suspension, etc.... tons of work done to it.-Recent new steering box, have original but the pitman arm was so hard to get off of it. I believe I kept that too, although I put a new one on.
Please see video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EmfBMo5Sv6Y
I will post a video later tonight to include under carriage and walkthrough.
So what is not original:Have original steering wheel. needs that round plastic bit replaced to work.Sanden A/c pump. I have the original york but it needs rebuild.Just put a new water pump on it.Rear end is original, parts inside are not (rebuilt)Inside engine (rebuilt, block is original), original manifold/headers etccomes with two carburetors, including original holley (4160 I think they were).I have original and extra midland brake boosters, these are the rare ones for this year. I have a extra one for whom ever buys it so they can rebuilt it if ever needs it. core is $200 for these things.I replaced majority of AC lines and such. I have a slow leak still....thinking original evaporator? or maybe the box (old rubber seal maybe??) I have an extra AC box to go with it. It is new.Never have rebuilt the top loader, never needed it.
What do I know that needs done now... nothing needs to be done...but-I need to tighten the steering box nut a bit.-alignment after pulling the pitman arm-at 20K miles after rebuild the main rear has a very very small oil drip. just a couple drops.-Clutch works good but could us slight adjustment.
Sure there are tons of things I forgot, let me know....
Please email with any questions or requestTyler