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1971 Ford Bronco Early model

  • Location: Westlake Village, California, United States
  • Condition: Used
  • Make: Ford
  • Model: Bronco
  • Year: 1971
  • Mileage: 90000
  • VIN: U15FLK05667
  • Vehicle Title: Clear

1971 Ford Bronco Description


Very nice original truck

Runs great.. nice power ... Wheels great etc..

Original bench seat - very desirable pc to have

Original Bulkhead makes it the truck version

Brand New tires

Original 6cyl

Original trans with 3 on the tree shift great (column lever has some play but doesn't affect shifting at all)

All original metal Body is in good solid original shape. Some dings

Brand New carb

Brand New upgraded ignition module

New Radiator

New Springs

New tune up

New valve seals recent ..

Head and tail and stop Lights all work

Added mechanical oil and temp gauges.. these are much more reliable than the original.

Speedo works..

Negatives i can say are;

It has some dings here and there.. As mentioned above.

3 side marker lights and blinkers dont work. May be bulbs. I put a bulb in a marker light housing and it worked but i havent bought the others yet. Not sure yet.

Also I do see where the old type glass fuses are in the glove box and they look old. May just need to be changed to fix that. Some are short and i dont have them to swap. May get to it.

No visible rust that I can see right now.

It has one repair inside on driver floor... It is s solid fix. Only on seam. Its basicaly a metal patch put over that center seam. Not sure if was from rust or a weak seam. But its the line seam directly under where your feet rest when u are sitting in the driver seat. Ive seen many of these trucks and that seam is usually first spot needing attention.

I dont see any other rust anywhere and ive been over it. Not saying thats absolute but i try to give full disclosure So im stating what i see and know.

It drives well but of course is stock and it is an old truck (its not a toyota-dont expect a toyota)..

You get a puff of smoke when you take off.. I did research bc im meticulous about that type stuff. I found that these older 6 cyl engines were designed that way. The "umbrella" type valve seals i just changed out to fix that were old and cracked and brittle and fell apart in my hands. And strangely online it said those seals are designed to leak a little in order to oil the valve stems. When i changed them It got much much better. But still happens a bit.. And its intermittent. Sometimes not at all and sometimes it does it. Which is i guess how its supposed to be. I haven't been able to drive much except around my property so I cant really open it up to clean it o

But it sure does run great starts immediately every time: Instantly.. runs strong.. Wheels nice too. And goes straight down the road.

I have a set of doors that need work that go with it. One has a dent and the window frames have been removed but they go with the Bronco. The speedo works but the other guages on that cluster dont. I added more efficient temp and oil pressure guages. And removed the sensors that operat those guages. It needs a gas guage too. The one on it doesnt seem to work.

And the other negative is no top. And glass has 2 round rock chips. No cracks but the round type that I assume are fillable.

I want to give best info i can. It runs great now. And is ready to drive and have fun with.

Brakes have all been gone thru and it has new master and wheel cyls. Stops well. Bearings just greased. All Works well but are stock. If u get on them real real hard they pull just a little one way but that will wear in once its driven a bit. Or of course u can manually adjust them to perfect if u wish. Ive got them real close.

This is a final sale, it is sold as it. No warranties are offered. I have tried to the best of my knowledge to give you all the information that I know about this car.