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Real 1932 Model B Ford Pickup Truck *PROJECT* (New Package Details & Price!)

  • Location: Capon Bridge, West Virginia, United States
  • Condition: Used
  • Make: Ford
  • Model: Other Pickups
  • Type: Pickup Truck
  • Year: 1932
  • VIN: B5015007
  • Color: Primer Grey
  • Engine size: NOT INCLUDED
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • Transmission: not included
  • Interior color: Primer
  • Drive side: Left-hand drive
  • Vehicle Title: Clean

1932 Ford Other Pickups Description

** *RE-LISTED for Failure-of-Payment by last potential buyer * * *

NOTE:If you've been searching for a Model B truck project in the past few months, you may REMEMBER this item/listing! Due to some changes in circumstance, I have taken over ownership (from my Father) and responsibility for this truck's sale to help my family. Below are all the details I had collected from Dad....everything we could think of!READ CAREFULLY what items are currently included / excluded in THIS listing!!

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This is it!A real deal, all steel, '32 Model B Ford pickup.These beauties are getting impossible to find!

This was a build near and dear to my Dad's heart....the ULTIMATE HOT ROD....that he had been pecking away at for years.Unfortunately, my mom's health issues forces the sale of this project.I’ve “taken over” the ownership and responsibility of the sale to help my family.

This is your opportunity to pick up where he left off, have a blast building your own custom creation and potentially lucrative investment!!(Do a littleresearchand you'll see what these trucks go for, completed!)

* * * This is being sold as a PROJECT / collection of parts !!! It does not "roll" on its own, and does not steer or drive* * * It is currently garaged in (and shall be picked up from) Northeastern WEST VIRGINIA.


in this 1932 Ford Truck Project PACKAGE:

  • Frame
  • Cab
  • Chassis
  • Front Grill(including old radiator)
  • Bed (and bed sides)
  • Hood
  • and a host of “small parts” (window regulators, door handles, window trim, dash board)
  • Good / clean Title

NO fenders!! No engine! No transmission, clutch, front axle, spindles, wheels, rear end housing, center section, drive shaft, rear suspension, brakes, seats, lights, etc.

NOTE: that I have BLURRED-out some of the background to eliminate confusion over items in the garage that are NOT available or included with this sale.


  • Starting with thevery solid stock Frame, the front crossmember was removed and replaced with a model A crossmember, to lower the ride height.
  • The original K member was removed and the frame rails were boxed.
  • Then a custom fabricated tubular cross member was grafted in.
  • The stock wishbone was split, then motor and transmounts were added(with intentions to carrya small block Chevy and a super T-10 four speed.)
  • Next thecabwas taken to bare metal, and then treated to a4-inch chop.
  • All of the wood, cab stiffeners and the floor boards have been replaced with steel.
  • The steering column is a Sweet Mfg. unit with a quick detachable steering wheel. You can see the dash board in the photo. The floor under-structure has been replaced with 1”x1” square steel tubing and the floor boards are 18 gauge steel, bead rolled for additional stiffness and support. They are not attached to the subframe to allow for any additional work that may need to be done under the floor before assembly.
  • The doors, windshield frame, garnish moldings, have been chopped to match and metal finished,so the hard work is done!

It's important to note that *Dad* was the builder and personally performed all of the work listed above. He isa retired NASCAR cup series mechanic, engine-builder, welder and fabricator.(I mention this so that you have confidence in the quality of the work completed.)


  • Thegrill. It is the correct "commercial" grill (not from a passenger car, which is different)
  • The plan was to run without a hood, but a perfecthoodis also included!
  • A genuine '32Bed with excellent sidesis also included. These beds, are a one-year piece as the '33-'34 trucks had a longer (112in.) wheel base, and won't fit a '32, making it a very rare part. (SEE IMAGES for details!)
    • NOTES on the BED:“Ford built their beds differently than Chevrolet or Dodge. There is wood in the bed but you can't see it, it had a steel “floor” over it and the wood is underneath for support. On this truck the wood and metal " floor" need to be replaced. But since anyone building a hot rod style truck would shorten the bed those parts would get replaced anyway. The only parts that are important are the bed sides, headboard and tail gate. Of which the parts that I have are in good condition.
    • The Ford pickups with fancy wood beds (that people see in car shows and magazine pictures) are " kits" that company's sell. It is not the way these trucks came from the factory. The bed frame has to be modified to make it work, although it is fairly simple to do.
    • SEE IMAGE - of the sub rails and floor. It has some rust and slight damage but is repairable or would make a good " template.
    • SEE IMAGE - of the tailgate and head board

·Many of the impossible to find“small parts”are here like: window regulators, door latches, garnish moldings and trim.

·AndYESthis truck has a TITLE....It's good/clean. Happens to be from Michigan.Also (FYI) Dad explained to me that these old truck didn't have a VIN sticker like modern cars....they had a number stamped into the frame. So this title is for/matching this exact frame (cab too.) So it's all matching!

So as you see, the majority of the "hard work" is done - but not so much that you couldn't take the project in a new direction and make it your own!Go ahead and build an "old school" hot rod or something different....because most of the really important original components are HERE!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ IMPORTANT > PLEASE READ!! ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

  • If you have very specific questions not answered here please CONTACT ME (Rachel) via Ebay messages. I am more than happy to help! I want you to be 100% comfortable with what you are buying J

  • If you have a very specific, technical question that I can't answer easily, please allow me 24 hours to retrievea more precise answer from Dad. I will reply to your message thread ASAP!

  • Lowball offers, modifications to the listing and/or questions about parts (or anything outside this listing) will be rejected.

  • All questions pertinent to your decision (of whether you want this package or not) MUST be answered/resolved PRIOR to your purchase commitment via “Buy it Now” or the “Best Offer”system! Be 100% sure before you buy! In other words: please DO NOT place an offer,THEN ask questions about the details of the sale that would be a “deal-breaker” for you. An offer is a formal agreement on your part. Once I accept, it is a deal that is then sealed by your Deposit. “Holding/Locking up” my listing by an offer on which you do not complete your deposit is unethical, and will result in an order cancellation and non-payment strike.

  • ALL COMMUNICATIONS must be made through **eBay messages.** I will not communicate outside of ebay, on the phone or private email until sale is done & complete payment is cleared. (We can use the phone afterward to communicate efficiently regarding delivery/pick up details.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ POLICIES / SALE REQUIREMENTS ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

· a $500 Deposit is due within 24 hours of sale / offer acceptance via PayPal.

· Final payment of Balance is required via certified-check, mailed (via trackable service like FedEx / USPS Priority) postmarked no later than 5 days of completion of eBay sale/offer acceptance.

· Title of vehicle will be mailed to you (via USPS Priority) in advance of pick up, upon clearing of your final payment check.

· NO Refunds, Substitutions, Returns or Exchanges once final written "deal" has been agreed upon in writing on ebay, and sale finalized.
This vehicle and the included parts do NOT carry any Warranty


**This package is located in the garage at my father's house in northeasternWEST VIRGINIA.** This is where you'll pick up the vehicle!

It’s less than 30 minutes outside of Winchester, Virginia, off of Route 50. The house is just a short way back on a well-maintained-gravel community road. The turn up the driveway however is too sharp for a tractor-trailer. Thus, using a pickup truck and Trailer (enclosed or open) or flatbed tow truck is HIGHLY Recommended!!

If you must utilize a 3rd party transport company, that’s ok! We are happy to make provisions for packing up the truck in accordance with the requirements for your chosen freight service – just communicate your needs at that time!

For transport: We will prepare the Model B in a partially-assembled form (much like you see in the picture) in order to strap down the included sheet metal (and other boxed-up components) to the body in a secure, concise format. The cab/frame will be strapped down onto an included rolling DOLLY with small casters (yours to keep) to help with transporting/working on smooth surfaces.

* * * THANK YOU for LOOKING!! * * *