1974 JAGUAR XKE E-type Series3 V-12 Pale Primrose Yellow OTS Roadster A/C Auto

  • Price: Ask a price!
  • Location: Saint Clair Shores, Michigan, United States
  • Make: Jaguar
  • Model: XKE
  • SubModel: OTS
  • Type: Convertible
  • Trim: Series 3 V-12 E type Primrose Yellow OTS A/C AUTO
  • Doors: 2
  • Year: 1974
  • Mileage: 31840
  • VIN: UE1S24515
  • Color: Pale Primrose Yellow
  • Engine size: 5.3L
  • Number of cylinders: 12
  • Power options: Air Conditioning
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Drive type: RWD
  • Interior color: Cinnamon
  • Drive side: Left-hand drive
  • Safety options: Seat Belts
  • Options: 4 pipe fan tail exhaust
  • Vehicle Title: Clear

1974 Jaguar XKE Series 3 V-12 E type Primrose Yellow OTS A/C AUTO Description

We are selling our Series 3 V12 1974 XKE E-type OTS, V12 with 3 spd Auto transmission. 31.8K Miles. It is not perfect. It will not win a Concours class trophy. But it runs well, sounds good, and fun to drive to take to dinner and car club meets.
We are the 3rd owners (first owner was Cameron B. from new in 1974 to 1986, second owner was Robert M. from 18K miles in 1986 to 2001; we are he third owners from 23K miles in 2001 to now - the sales history has been passed from owner to owner, so the transfer dates, dealers, mileage and owners full names are known). (For privacy I am not putting their full names in this listing).
The car has always been in Michigan for all 3 owners (resold by same dealer twice).
The car has been used on many drives to dinner, ice cream and Jaguar of Michigan club events.
Yes the original AM/FM radio still works. Power Steering. Power Brakes.
Base, pressed steel wheels with hub caps type (easy 1 minute wipe to clean each).
OTS (Open Two Seat) Roadster body type.
4 pipe Fan Tail Exhaust type finisher.
Adjustable steering column (in/out distance from dash panel to driver).
I believe all E types from 1969 to 1974 have this feature.
It is still RF12 based and has not needed to be converted to R134.
The A/C compressor engages. The last time I checked in the summer, it worked.
Lately, its colder than 55F outside, so if I turn on the A/C now I get cold air... one
can not be 100% sure if the cold air is from the A/C or because its 50F outside.

Engine Number: 7$15983LA

Gearbox Number: KL8002

Car Number: UE1$24515

Body Number: 4$7207

Body Colour: Primrose Yellow

Build Date: 2/74 (sticker on left door sill)

Interior Colour: Cinnamon leather, Cinnamon Vinyl

Car / Chassis numbers match between build plate, body stamping and metal tag on left front windscreen.
Engine number matches the build plate also.
I don't know where to find the gear box number, so I can't check that number on the build plate.
A few photos needing description:
> Photo 6, fan tail exhaust and second silencer for right rear view
> Photo 7, the visible orange stuff is excess glue brushed on when the car was made
> Photo 11, front face of engine, left radiator fan (running), alternator from front of left wheel well
> Photo 12, front right suspension
> Photo 14, right side of transmission from below, right to left side exhaust pipe
> Photo 15, right first silencer under right side passenger seat
Videos (not sure if eBay will allow the YouTube link)
Video1: Cold start (outside air temperature is 50F or 10C)
(also the start of the drive around the block till cell phone camera fell off the dash board)

Video2: Drive around the block (continued after I re-positioned the camera phone)
Video3: Warm start after the drive around the block.
Known defects:
> Photo 24
at upper left curved corner of the front wind screen, there is what I think is de-lamination
between the safety glass plates.
The defect area is clear and about 2 inches by 1 inch. It is near invisible in the photo. This appears to be a glass manufacturing defect and has not grown in size during our ownership. I have seen other 1974 XKEs having the same glass defect and oddly in the same upper left location of their windscreen. > The paint in general looks nice, it is not Concours car show perfect. I counted 1 crack in the paint on the right side, and 2 small, shallow dings from maybe road debris on the left behind the left rear wheel or LR fender panel (too low to be door dings but one looks like a door ding) These do not show in the photos... never noticed them till 11/5/2017 (today).

The following are items modified: (non-original)
> seat belt loops from Chevy Cavalier (I didn't have the heart to put holes through new
seat leather, these can be removed and are screwed to the wood bottoms in the
head rests; these prevent seat belts from rubbing against the seat leather, plus they
hold the seat belt out from the seat for comfort at the shoulder for large fellows like me)
>> the original seat belt black metal "U" shaped loops are included with the vehicle <<
> automatic power antenna for going up and down
>> AM/FM radio is the original, and it still operates nicely <<
> "seat belt start inhibit" switch has been de-activated (the original 1974 set up was the car
would not start unless you wore the seat belt properly clicked in)
>> the connector is under the drivers seat if you want this feature restored<<
> unused far right dash switch can activate the radiator fans manually
(normal coolant thermo switch at the radiator works too)
> engine carb balance tubes are chromed
> air filter boxes and trumpets are chromed (originals were gray)
> Opus ignition replaced by Pertronix system (the original Opus module is sold with the vehicle)
> fuel pump was replaced with a solid state breaker-less pump (SU 377-335 from Moss Motors)
> the convertible top is 2 sided cloth (from a German company)(no pinch point damage from
roof frame when the roof is in the down position)

Other Vehicle Servicing
modernized the fuel pump and ignition, replace engine crank shaft end seals, many various gaskets, all belts, all hoses, steering pump, steering rack, coolant pump, fuses, carbs rebuilt, replaced every relay,installed louder turn indicator sounder, cleaned and epoxy coated fuel tank. Most of the above repair work was done by English Motors in Shelby Twp (he has now retired and his shop is closed) and more recent work was done by V&W Motors in Roseville, MI.

Other items sold with the vehicle:
> service history in Excel spreadsheet format
> original window sticker (dealer was Falvey Jaguar on Woodward Ave. Ferndale, MI 4/19/1974)
> original owners manual
> 2 old +2 new engine water drip shields / fins (not installed to help show engine in photos)
> all the receipts I have for servicing (plus those from first and second owners)
> service manuals and parts catalog
> vinyl rear boot mat
> tonneau cover
> 6 new unused oval oil filter cartridges (these are unique shape to XKEs)
> 16 new unused air filters
> 3 new unused fuel filters
> a new unused A/C dryer for when time comes to convert to R123 or R134
> 3 sets of car keys
> blue scissor jack stand & lug wrench
> cloth breathable car cover
> other parts I've saved up
Interior & rear boot carpeting, new seat leather are from Alridge Trimming (UK).
There is no warranty, the vehicle is sold "AS IS". The buyer is responsible for pick up, and/or shipping to where ever they live. Buyer is responsible for sending non refundable $200 deposit via PayPal to cover any cost of re-doing any paper work or state title re-documentation should the buyer decide not to complete the transaction. Balance is due in 10 days. When check clears, the title will be sent out to the buyer. Inter bank transfer is also OK for payment, should go quicker and easier for US & non US buyers.
If you have questions, please ask. Our email address is greglori_mi@wowway.com or ask through
eBay's Contact Seller.
We don't have a car hoist here at home, so we can't take a full under side photo.
Below are some questions emailed to us...--------------------------------------------------------------
Yes, the engine block and body numbers match.

Yes, the car I believe was either repainted and.or clear coated in the 1980s.Its the 1 receipt I'm missing to know exactly what was done paint-wise prior to our ownership.

The original vehicle color is Pale Primrose Yellow. The paint in the fuse panel access areainside the dash board and all the other strange places in the vehicle are also Pale Primrose Yellow.
Dash board top, dash board face panel, door trim panels, and door sill coverings I believe are still the original.
The fuses were replaced because they were falling apart from age... the fuse filaments were breaking away from end caps.

The farthest we've ever drive this car is 230 Miles in 1 day. Most of its drives are <40 miles round trip.

Why we got an automatic transmission version... so the wife can and does enjoy drivingthis car.
Is it leaking oil on the garage floor... no. It did suffer an end bearing seal leak many years ago, that splatter oil all over the transmission and the floor, but that servicing was completed >9 years ago.When the engine was pulled for that repair, the coolant pump was also replaced as a
precaution (easy to replace the pump since the engine was already removed from the car).

Why does our car cold start faster than others... we have a 1000Amp truck battery installedinto the car... the biggest we could find that fit the battery holder. It turns the 20W-50 thick oiled V12with ease.

Floor panels, door panels and fenders... no rust, no bubbling of the paint in these areas due to rust under the paint. Although I live in a state or region that gets snow... we treat cars like the XKE and
many others like it as "toys". "Toy" vehicles are sunny weather cars driven in the summer, and are
not typically driven in the winter or during bad weather. To the best of my knowledge and our during ownership, this car has not been driven in snow or salted road conditions to create body rust. We've always given it a garage sheltered life.

Note1: If you are 6 ft 1inch or taller, you will probably find this (or any E type) difficult to get in and out of with the convertible top up.... if you never sat in an XKE before, please contact your nearest Jaguar club or friend to find out if seating and driving positions are to your comfort level. (If you buy this car. we recommend joining your local jag club).

Note2: Before bidding, please contact your insurance company, local government vehicle offices to determine additional costs, taxes, importing fees of buying this or any car. The buyer is responsible for paying all taxes, fees, transporting carrier costs, etc. to where ever they live. The vehicle is expected to removed from our garage within 30 days of purchase.
This car is presented with all its defects that I know of... I know of none that are hidden. So if you
take the car apart to restore to your liking and find a dead mouse behind the left headlamp... I don'tknow about stuff like that... This vehicle is also listed in other periodicals and through eBay listed
on other car web sites, so the eBay auction can end if an offer comes from outside eBay.