Only 30,077 miles. NO RESERVE. 1977 Trans Am. Only 30,077 miles. UNRESERVED

  • Price: Ask a price!
  • Location: Great Falls, Montana, United States
  • Make: Pontiac
  • Model: Trans Am
  • Year: 1977
  • Mileage: 30,077
  • Color: Black
  • Engine size: 400.
  • Number of cylinders: 8
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Drive type: RWD
  • Interior color: Gold
  • Vehicle Title: Clear

1977 Pontiac Trans Am Description


Super motivated seller

If you think you've seen this car listed before, you'd be right.

-1st sale, winning bidder (from middle-east) never bothered to contact us. (should'a known).

-2nd sale, winning bidder never read description or instructions. Swoops in to win auction in last 3 seconds. Doesn't fulfill any obligations, despite numerous requests. Won't even give his first name. (Trashy people, trashy excuses).

It's not the first, second, or third time we've had to deal with insincere people on eBay but, the straw has finally broke the camel's back.

NOW THE CAR IS UNRESERVED and being sold as-is, how-is. I no longer care to deal with this type of thing or listening to any know-it-all's boasting their Pontiac prowess. I love Fords, Dodges, Buicks, Mercedes, and nearly everything with a steering wheel or handlebars. I've collected them all. Not just Pontiac. This car is what it is. I looked at literally dozens of Trans As before buying this one. I heard it all, and seen it too, until we found this. Sellers will generally say anything. This car though spoke for itself. The owner was the original owner who bought it new. He was very straight and clear with us (a refreshing change). My wife wanted it even more than I did, and we paid a heck of a premium to have it. Now, we're moving, and mostly done with cars; only planning on keeping a handful. Not being a slave to dozens any longer. If you are an empty-pocketed Pontiac blowhard and know-it-all wanting to comment on the non-factory shifter or spark plug wires, I'm not interested in hearing it. Either bid, or don't. End of story. Have a few dollars and want a cheap collector car? Buy it. Do I sound sour? Yes, maybe. Okay, well.... probably. My question is, where have all the wonderful and sincere people gone? I made an excellent reputation by dealing with wonderful people. We've even made some wonderful friends and had buyers stay at our home. Some came by airplane, we picked them up at the airport, and had dinner at our home. We've had lots of fun. Then, lately something's changed. Lately, my reputation gets blasted because some jerk finds a "y" mistakenly written as a "4" in an irrelevant old document. How about the car? How about how nice it is? How about how much my wife did to help you and how wonderfully it runs/drives/looks? Then, we sell one of the nicest cars from our collection, that I really didn't want to even sell, and the fellow is pointing out rust holes the size of fists. THERE IS NONE. In the end, it's all clear... I have to give money to get the feedback removed. I don't understand how anyone can be like this. We've even gotten defrauded of $12,500 in a Paypal scam. Saddest thing is when I sold a car with no engine, then decided to include the engine (a dual quad Buick -- yes... REAL dual quad 1966 Buick!!! worth more than the car) because of my wife's big heart and insistence that the fellow is SO NICE. He scammed us. Reversed payment before car even arrived. We were left with no car, no money, and owing the full amount we sold the car for! Yeah.... Nice guy my butt. He saw potentially vulnerable people and decided to take advantage. Vulture! Despicable. Pretended to be a minister and ended every phone call with "God Bless". Man, I should'a known. It's terribly disheartening when I've tried my best and poured my heart out to make people happy. My wife is nearly in tears over this last go-round. Anyways..... Is somebody gonna get a great deal? Yes, I'd imagine so.

So now.... I'm selling this car as being a 1/10 in condition, with that being the worst rating possible. I'll also call it a project, or parts car. You will not be able to say the "car isn't as promised" in feedback because the paint got dusty, or the FREE EXTRA PARTS I GAVE, without even mentioning, weren't packaged in the special brand of styrofoam packing popcorn you prefer. Obviously, a 0/10 car doesn't even exist. A car in worse condition than 1/10 does not exist. Kindly disregard anything written about this car's condition above or below this paragraph. Despiteit's near $30,000 valuation, please assume that this car is in the worst possible condition imaginable. Assume everything I state is incorrect. Kindly understand, I no longer wish to deal with being stiffed or lied to. Nobody now has an excuse to be insincere. This is amongst the last 3 cars that we are parting with and I just want a clean transaction. PLEASE read the instructions!

Please know that I will still help anyone who actually buys this car in any way possible. My wife will help the new owner make any and all arrangements. I look forward to the potential maybe having my faith in people somewhat restored after hopefully dealing with somebody nice. Cry us a river, or not... Please only bid if you are sincere. If you would like to speak over the phone, please write to me and we'll make arrangements. It will show to us that you are somebody with genuineintentions. Our regular email is

A while ago, we had this car fully and thoroughly inspected. Everything, as far as I know, is right. I will gladly supply this government document. The car has no more than about 50 miles put on it since. Our intention was to keep this beauty as a collector piece. BUT... As far as this auction goes, assume that everything on the car is broken and in a complete state of disrepair. Last thing I need is some wanker saying that we burned them on our feedback because they are so unhappy the AM radio doesn't get theirfavouriteChristian country/rock station, or ... God knows what next.

OR.... Want to just buy this car? Send us an offer.

Private sale.

This car is located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

(3 hours directly north of Montana)

Will sell anywhere in the USA or Worldwide


(Domestic build & Antique status)

Title can be transferred anywhere.


My wife has become pretty great at arranging delivery. She has established excellent shipping contacts, and will be happy to help you. With the exception of the bank transfer for payment, you’ll hardly have to lift a finger. Plus, whatever your shipping quote is, she can maybe get a better deal.

1977 Pontiac Trans Am

Private sale of a very low mileage 1977 Pontiac Trans Am.

Very nice condition,

incredibly low mileage.

Only 30,077 miles

Vehicle history:

This car was bought new by a young gentleman who worked with the railroad. He eventually worked his way up to conductor. Being mostly away with the railway, he was home very seldom to enjoy his new Trans Am. Matter of fact, in it’s entire lifetime, the car was driven a total of only 6 summers!

When basically new, the car was equipped with a Hurst gated shifter and the owner did a couple other small modifications that were pretty standard back then. A Pioneer auto-reverse cassette deck was added, some bigger spark plug wires, Mickey Thomson valve covers, and also an aluminum intake manifold. All done when almost new, all absolute period-correct. I have the correct factory items, taken off when the car was new, and may include them.

Even though the car was only kept indoors, by 1984 the decals had began to show some very slight aging. He (the original owner) was not pleased with this, and with some of his great railway wages that had been saved up, the Trans Am was treated to a full on paint job by a high end Corvette specialty shop. The owner was a bachelor with nothing to really restrict him, so... dollars were no hurdle at the time. The decals were removed, and the graphics hand painted. Everything was buried in many coats of clear, then polished to a glass-like shine. It was a very high end job, and amongst the best money could buy at the time.

Since then, the car was run and moved only to keep fluids circulated. The car became an almost never-to-be-driven showpiece. Every time the gentleman made his way back home, he’d run the engine to operating temps and move the car only down the driveway and back; occasionally just down the street in front of his house. From 1984 until present, it has only left the garage enough to have amassed less than 1000 miles. When parked, it was under it’s custom fitted cover, and with blankets on top. The car's speedometer reads both metric and standard. The odometer is in metric and reads 46,632 kilometres which equates to precisely 30,077 miles. That's it. Hasn't gone around. Please read on.......

General information:

This car comes with some documentation, but not much. There were periodic appraisals done. It is from the appraisals that the mileage has it’s provenance. Also, it’s condition and all the tell-tale factors. Plus, there's the obvious..... Like the fact that the car is wearing it’s factory original tires!!!

Additional general information:


Zip, zero, zilch.... Nada.

No rust AT ALL.

Please read on......

I guarantee anyone that sees the underside will be amazed. It has the most amazing undercarriage I have ever seen of an original survivor vehicle. It is something beyond remarkable.

This is because the undercarriage of this car was routinely oiled.

Oiled, you ask???

  • Yep. I was a bit set back when I heard this too. Apparently, this is a very old trick for beating rust and keeping everything nicely preserved. It’s somewhat unorthodox, and relatively oddball in a way but, guess what.... it really really worked!!! It really worked well. (did I stress that well enough?).

  • Each and every time new oil was put in this car, the old oil was kept and applied to underneath the car. This was obviously not done to the painted outside surfaces, or interior but, just the underneath areas. It included: the entire undercarriage, wheelwells, and engine compartment. Every nook and cranny of the mechanical or underbody areas was sprayed with used engine oil.

To the original owner, it was nothing out of the ordinary, and he didn’t find it strange at all. As he had explained to us, it is a routine railway procedure. As we are told, railway workers often apply used oil in such a manner to the underside of the locomotives.


  • No, it isn't.
  • Within weeks of buying the car and bringing it home, I started cleaning the oily undercarriage.
  • I used nothing but store bought citrus cleaner and my pressure washer.
  • To my surprise, it removed the oil nicely. In fact, it just washed right off in 3 sessions.
  • In the end, and when everything was cleaned, rinsed, and dried, what I found was…. The old-fashioned railworker trick reallyworked.

The undercarriage of this Trans Am looks like brand new. In fact, I think it was likely preserved better than if it spent the last 40 years on the dealership floor. That's because not even
airbornehumidity was able to touch the surfaces.

So, all in all... I’ve never heard of anyone doing anything like this but, thank goodness he did. It’s just super amazingly great and has preserved this car remarkably!

General overall condition:

I’d assume the car is near to the condition it was back 30 years ago, after it was painted and then not used anymore. As mentioned, the car was kept indoors, and covered. The paint was not subject to repeated washings, and no part of the car subject to harmful UV rays. There’s 2 spots with very light lacquer checking. I wasn’t really able to photograph these spots. Nothing really shows up. Maybe if I was a better photographer, or had just the right light to get just the right reflection(?). Only other thing I should really point out is the tires. Although they have a decent amount of tread remaining (likely half or better), they are 40 years old. We have enjoyed driving the car but, have been very aware of them. I would be amiss not to mention, and certainly would not suggest any long distance or high speed driving. I’d have to be really picky to point much out on this car.

Update: I just did a quick walk-around of the car, just to make sure I didn't miss anything and, well... I did. The ashtray is missing. I'm glad I double-checked.

Please remember, this car was driven for only 6 summers. That is the total it was ever used. It was parked spring, fall, and winter. As previously mentioned, after only 6 summers usage, It was then treated to a very high quality paint job and polishing before being stored away. It’s a really really beautiful car.

Mechanical condition:

Because of the length of time that the car was put away, it was not recognized by the computer system at our registries office. We had to get the car inspected to be re-registered, and a fresh title issued to be back into the system. Now, here's why this is significant..... In order to do this, an intensely thorough government mandated inspection was necessary. The age of the tires was noted and 2 other items. One was the age of the brake linings, and they were replaced. The other was the age of the shocks, and they were replaced. That’s it. And with that official government document in hand, I can tell you that this car is tip-top. It is notable that this particular level of inspection is essentially to restrict any older vehicles off the system from re-entering. It is an intensely thorough inspection process. With that said, be assured as a buyer that this car currently needs NOTHING that anyone can find. Asides from shipping, you should not have to put a penny into this car. Try find another eBay car like this.

So I guess, that brings us here.

We are letting the car go with NO RESERVE. Please understand, that’s a big decision. Only thing I ask is that you, as the buyer, please be considerate of our request for a simple and easy transaction.


I’d say that, in our experience, most (maybe 75%) American destinations fall between the 15-hundred to 2-thousand dollar range. To play safe, please budget for at least that amount. We are running an unreserved auction so, the savings should help offset any shipping/delivery costs. Please also note that, as mentioned, my wife has become pretty adept at making all the arrangements so you get your car as quickly as can be.

Titling and/or registrationEverything is perfectly transferrable and will be signed over and taken care of for you immediately following the sale. It is free to travel without restriction and titling is universal. The only extra cost is a $120-150 customs brokerage fee. My wife has everything ready to go for the car, and will only need your information filled in, once the sale is completed, to finalize the ownership.

I’m happy to answer any inquiries, so feel free to write. I welcome and encourage anyone’s questions. We welcome 3rd party inspections, and encourage them. As well, we invite anyone wishing to see in person and will happily accommodate. If you’d like to speak over the phone, please let me know and we’ll arrange a call. Good communication is pivotal to a happy transaction. If you prefer to email me directly, write to

Procedure is very important to us and we have a perfect little system that has proven very simple and effective in making everyone happy.

It goes as follows:

  • Immediately following the sale, I will ask for your buyer’s information.
  • My wife will fill in all the paperwork and title transfer.
  • Completed paperwork will be scanned and sent to you.
  • Once received, you validate the information as being correct, and confirm.
  • Then, my wife sends the banking transfer information. You’ll have 48 hours to go to your bank and make a transfer. (We understand oftentimes it takes more than 48 hours for transfer to go through, and that’s alright).
  • After payment is received, she gets to work arranging transportation/delivery.

Simple as that.

Now, just so that everyone is aware, we are not willing to deviate from our little system. We deviated twice, and been defrauded twice. If, for any reason, this does not work for you, we’ll assume that something isn’t “right” anyway.

Check our feedback.


Each and every one is for a 30-60 year old car or truck.

Good luck fellow enthusiasts and happy bidding!