Long Wheel Base Model Owned by Osho - The Rolls-Royce Guru

  • Location: Dallas, Texas, United States
  • Condition: Used
  • Make: Rolls-Royce
  • Model: Silver Spirit/Spur/Dawn
  • Year: 1985
  • Mileage: 26573
  • VIN: SCAZN42A5FCX13271
  • Engine size: 6.75
  • Number of cylinders: 8
  • Interior color: Gray
  • Vehicle Title: Clear

1985 Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit/Spur/Dawn Description

One thing I want to explain to people that might be considering one of these cars is don't believe whatever the seller tells you. The owners that buy these cars new are the super rich, and rich people don't spend money maintaining cars. They turn the key and go. When something breaks, or when they get to the 30,000 mile mark, they sell to the secondary market. Those people rarely turn a wrench on these kinds of cars either, and will only do the bare minimum to keep them running.

So then here you are, the car guy, the car lover, that can't afford a new Rolls, but wants to drive one because you appreciate the car. That's cool. But let's not be foolish here, the person selling you this car knows that it's never been maintained past an oil change. Usually someone died, and they have to sell the car because they are not fools - they have seen the repair bills associated with owning a Rolls.

So now before you pay $15,000 or heaven forbid even $25,000 remember that these cars are point blank the most difficult cars to maintain ever built. The Rolls-Royce engineering is complexity and over-engineering - at it's best. The strong point are the engine internals like the gears, cams, and pistons and block. The weak points are electrical, heating, cooling, fancy and dumb features, and pretty much everything that moves around or has a motor. The suspension, a hydraulic - pressurized mineral oil gas against fluid system - the car stays buoyant via the difference between the gas spheres and the pressure of the mineral oil system (which is pressurized by pumps on top of the engine that rotate by the cam) against the weight of the car and the road conditions.

But, congratulations, you now own a Rolls!

With that being said - I am putting my Frankenstein up for sale. Yes, this is the monster you have all heard about and either you love it or hate it - but it's faster than yours either way.

My company is the first to design a complete setup to delete the Bosch fuel injection system from these SCAZ cars and convert them to a Holley 4150 4-Barrel carburetor type design. This modification is not reversible. My kits fits all Bentley and Rolls-Royce SCAZ cars up to 1986 - all 6.75 liter V8 Rolls-Royce cars & even some 1963-80 RR models and Bentley cars. Mostly my system is dependent on the kind of intake manifold you have, but I can custom design something if you have a unique manifold. So why the Silver Spur? What is unique about this specific era for Rolls-Royce? Quite simply, right now these cars are a bargain. Why are they a bargain right now? Because mechanics and RR themselves have ruined the reputation of these cars. Make no mistake - this is the car that defines the 1980's. Me, me, and oh yes me again. I personally was born in the decade of decadence, and I like the 80's. This was not only the most expensive car of the 1980's but it was also in fact the most expensive car ever - if adjusted by inflation - so with inflation we are talking about $275,000 today. The Silver Spur makes more appearances in Hollywood movies than any other luxury car. From The Lord of War, to The Dirt, to His Holiness Bhagwan and his 93 Silver Spurs! Say what you will about him, he has some good ideas and he also had great taste in cars! So now we are in this modern age where everyone wants a Tesla so they can have stupid license plates that sat GASLOL or OILNAH but you know what you are still a nerd if you drive a Tesla. As far as the Osho thing, when I first got the car it appeared to be just another Royal Blue Rolls from California but upon further investigation I realized that the red pin striping was quite unusual. And also the very low miles and the name of the original buyer turned up quite a mystery. Upon further investigation it was revealed that the previous history of the car goes back to Oregon - and boom that's my smoking gun right there. Many times these cars were delivered as gifts to His Holiness and it's difficult to ascertain which ones were his. He was right about many things things - those back seats sure are comfortable! One thing people forget is how safe these RR cars are - nothing beats the pure inertia of 6500 pounds of British Steel rolling down the road. That being said its damn near impossible to keep them running. That's has everything to do with the Bosch Jetronic fuel injection system and nothing to do with the quality of the engine. There is an amazing collection of metal under the hood. It might actually be one of the best engine designs in history. The sad part is that foreign car mechanics make these cars unaffordable - and they make them end up in the junkyard. I really think every time on of these cars ends up in the junkyard it's a pretty silly thing because a new TH400 only costs around $900 and the engines almost never blow up for mechanical reasons. They might fall apart due to abuse - but those pistons are strong boy. I am certain that even the Silver Cloud models could also run well with a Holley 4150 if tuned properly because the RR 6.75 didnt change really from 1961 to 1990. The injection and all that BS did but the components stayed the same. The truth is the V8 6.75 engine is a simple, very reliable design that didn't change much in 40 years. I am not sure how many different manifolds RR used on the 6.75 liter but I think there were 2 basic designs overall. Most people are not aware that these engines use a timing gear - no chain involved sonny - and these are super, super tough engines. Way stronger than a 383 HEMI or a GM 396. Torque for days! What we offer are the machined components to block off the EGR system, remove the smog pump, remove the miserable, antiquated ignition and also the silly electronic transmission shifting actuator box. Any fool around knows these cars come with a TH-400 GM transmission. There is no need to modify or repair the old clunky and unreliable gear shift actuator. Our kit lets you drop it, ditch it, and install a normal, simple, badass B&M shifter. There are several designs to chose from. My kit includes a properly selected Holley Double Pumper, the new tank, hoses, fuel fittings, switches, wiring, and of course CNC machined adapters and plates. The gaskets are included and they must be cut by hand because I make them from a special heat resistant material. Basically I ship you a ton of parts to complete this process so the $3500 is well worth the money because I am shipping you a ton of very expensive parts, and I am saving you the time of selecting all of the wrong parts. The MSD 6 Series ignition is also included. Personally, I rewired my entire car and chose not to use any of the RR wiring. My car is wired up like a race car, with a bare minimum of wiring to make it street legal. You can probably figure out a way to keep your wiring intact in your car, but I don't recommend it. The injection system of the Silver Spurs is tied into the ignition, and hence once you remove the computer, expecting to figure out how to start your car will be near impossible. I didn't spend one second pouring through RR wiring diagrams - I just snip, snip, snip. I am a very happy man because of it. Make your choice - take the red pill - or the blue pill my friend! My kit does not include instructions to keep or work with the factory wiring. This is a great way to resurrect a Rolls that has been sitting a long time, probably has a good motor and transmission, and everything else is neglected or destroyed. These cars use around 50 different relays - and I got rid off all of them in my car - and life is simple now! Finally we include instructions about how to remove the original gas tank and run custom fuel filters and a new hot rod tank. My car also puts out about 20% more horsepower - drinks gasoline - and my transmission setup is far more reliable. You will have the fastest, most reliable Rolls on the road guaranteed with my system. I am able to perform the conversion at my garage here in Texas but of course buyer would have to arrange shipping to Texas. I am the moderator of the Classic Rolls-Royce Owners and Drivers Club on Facebook so if you want to see the process from start to finish please request to be added to this private and exclusive group with only 18 members currently. If you only need a certain selection of this kit just write me and we will address your needs. I can help you convert any car with the 6.75L V8. Please don't buy this listing without contacting me first or at least telling me what kind of car you have. If you want to see my car running - yes it was the test car for this whole process - it's a fabulous car and much, much faster now. I think I shed maybe 1000 pounds in the process. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-3DM1_gTPXc
Finally because I will be getting a ton of questions about this listing - yes I am completely serious about the price and only accepting Bitcoin for the sale of this car. This means if you buy it, you pay me the Bitcoin before you come to pick up the car and there are no 3rd parties involved. I can arrange shipping to anywhere in the world.