Cobra by Excalibur i.e. Shelby Cobra, Ford Cobra

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  • Location: Clover, South Carolina, United States
  • Condition: Used
  • Make: Shelby
  • Model: Cobra
  • Year: 1993
  • Mileage: 19,908
  • VIN: 1J9CA2313PM123003
  • Vehicle Title: Clear

1993 Shelby Cobra Description

Cobra by Excalibur i.e. Shelby Cobra, Ford Cobra
This Cobra is not a Kit Car !!! 1993 Cobra by Excalibur. The "only" manufactured series of Cobras with both a Federal DOT issued VIN number and the applicable DOT stickers. This Cobra is a true factory designed, manufactured car, just the same as your Chevrolet or Ford andbuilt in America. You can "Excalibur Cobra" and find a lot of informationon these hand built & rare Cobras. This Cobra, when new, was purchased by a lady who kept it 14 years and drove it 18,000+ miles. It was first titled in MA as a "1993 Cobra". When I, the2nd owner,purchased the Cobra in 2010, I titled it in SCas a"1993 Cobra". It was in remarkable condition with 18,122 miles, but being the car guy that I am, I had it shipped to Tackett's Body Shop in Ironton, Ohio. I believe Tackett's is one of the finest painters in America today. Whilemost owners would not have paid to have it done, I had them totally strip the body down, correcting the slightest imperfection and then paint it back in the original beautiful blue metallic with white racing stripes. The interior is all original with RCI seat/shoulder belts and in pristine condition with a full coverage tonneaucover, with a center zipper. The original motor was a Ford 5.0 V-8, fuel injection and while it ran perfectly, I wanted more in both looks and performance. Scott Kelly of A&K Machine Shop, York, SC was commissioned to bring the Cobra alive and simply said, he did !!! Starting at the front and going back, the aluminum radiator and electric fan are custom built units, by a Nascar supplying company. The entire front diskbrake assemblies were replaced with new units as were the front and rear shocks and the gas tank was redesigned with a new electric fuel pump. The engine was removed and tore down to the bare block, then starting with all new parts, a custom ground cam was installed, new aluminum heads, which were ported and polished, along with a high performanceoil pan. A new Edlebrocksingle intake manifold and a Quick Fuel carburetor were installed, along with a new MSD electronic ignition and red top battery. Scott also installed a full chrome & polished engine kit. Every wire, hoses, clamps and screws were replaced with new. The original front headers and the exhaust tips were chromed and then new Cherry Bomb glass paks were welded on and covered with polished stainless steel heat shields. I had power steering install and it drives like a dream. This Cobra is extremely reliable and while it has only been driven about 1,600 miles, over the last couple of years, it always starts, restarts and drives extremely well. Being a manufactured Cobra it was designed with comfort in mindand I promise from a Shelby to any of the Kit Cars, there are none that drive or rides as well as thisone does. You can drive down the road, take your hands off the wheel and this Cobra will continue to track perfectly. This Cobra is a true driver and then you add in the power, the looks and the awesome sound. This Cobra has never been wrecked, never been banged or dented, never been touched up and stored always in a heated and cooled garage, covered and protected. I promise that it is better than I have conveyed and with Federal Vin ending in "003", it has been suggested that it might be the first Cobra ever actually sold by Excalibur. Whythen would I ever considering selling, if it really is this good ??? Well losing 5" in height and having 5 spine surgeries including a 10 disc spine fusion was the beginning of the end and as much as I love to drive the Cobra, as much as I enjoy the awesome sound and the unbelievable attention from others that see it, it is just getting too difficult and painful whenever I attempt to get out of it. So this is your chance to not take a chance in buying one of the finest examples of a Cobra available today. Located near Charlotte, NC. Also when listing, eBay does not have an Excalibur listing, nor Cobra, so Shelby was as close as I could get.