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1986 Volvo 740 GLE Turbo Diesel

  • Price: Ask a price!
  • Location: Glen Burnie, Maryland, United States
  • Condition: Used
  • Make: Volvo
  • Model: 740
  • SubModel: 740 GLE Turbo Diesel
  • Type: Sedan
  • Trim: GLE luxury model
  • Year: 1986
  • Mileage: 146,734
  • VIN: YV1FX7640G1057953
  • Color: Silver
  • Engine size: 2.3 liter in-line 6 cylinder turbo diesel
  • Number of cylinders: 6
  • Power options: Air Conditioning, Cruise Control, Power Locks, Power Windows
  • Fuel: Diesel
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Drive type: Automatic
  • Interior color: Blue
  • Safety options: Alarm, push button start, fuel shut off, Anti-Lock Brakes
  • Options: Power, heated mirrors, heated seats, block heater, Cassette Player, Sunroof
  • Vehicle Title: Clear

1986 Volvo 740 740 GLE Turbo Diesel Description

I am a first-time car seller on Ebay. I've decided to sell my 1986 Volvo 740 which is not an easy decision for me, as this is at the top of the 4 best cars I've ever had, and is certainly the best Volvo 740 Turbo Diesel I've ever seen. I would revise to say the car is to me very niceand one of the 4 best cars I've ever had. I took more pictures, but found to my dismay Ebay limits me to 24 pictures, and tried to add what I could, though at the cost of others; perhaps I can send more on request. I looked at it in comparison to the 1985, which is a much lesservehicle, and realize what I am giving up, even had a neighbor interested. My history with it--I bought it in 2010 (have papers as well; I know myself to be thethird owner) to replace parents' 1985 740 Turbo Diesel, which I'd known since that year, and tracked it to a Chicago dealership, where I went by Amtrak to see it. It had 77,941 miles then, and has since reached 146,734 miles which is the highest mileage I've ever achieved on one of these. I drove it back from Chicago, and it has been everywhere from Erie, Pa, to South Carolina, since, and once loaned it to a sibling for 6 months. It is my daily use car, and more than replaces both of its predecessors. I have not used it since November 2015, but itfunctions and operates well. Thevehicle is in Glen Burnie, MD.
These were rare cars in their own time, and even rarer, today. 1986 was the last year these 740 Turbo Diesels were imported here, making this model the last one, and is an improvement on all the 1982-85 740/760 Turbo Diesels. I include a picture of the back window eye level brake light, which was first mandated in 1986, to show this is from that year. The car is heavier (even the hood and doors are heavier than 1985) than even other 740 TD's (4,120 pds--and it feels heavier than even the 4,180 pd 1985 model it replaces), has a stronger, sturdier body, suspension, the body is wider, and higher than other 740s, and is subtly, but definitely different from earlier models. It predates air bags, but given Volvo's reputation for safety, they probably weren't necessary, here. Today, I compared it against the one I keep, and again saw its superiority. The final 1986 model is ofsturdier physical and mechanical construction, its engine sounds better, even the paint is better. On appearance, one would think one 740 is the same as the next, but this one is an an improvement on the prior year's model, which feels delicate bycomparison.
It has a sturdy blue cloth interior, no tears, a covered dash (came in the car when I bought it), a dual cup holder armrest, powered and heated mirrors, 2-way heated seats, power 2-way sunroof, radio, a/c, designed for fog lights, alarm, additional oil pressure and temperature gauges, fuel shut-off (which I've never used), built-in block heater, which was very useful in cold weather (it is from Chicago!), and push button start, which is also useful in cold. In 6 years and 69,000 miles, I have never needed any brake work, (the brakes outlasted tires!) it has had the timing belts replaced. Has a new battery, the starter, alternator and glow plugs have been replaced after 30 years, as well; that repair left 3 lights on in the dash, but they go off with use, and do not affect the car at all. The car handles in snow pretty well, which was uncommon for these rear wheel drive 80's Volvos because it has '1,' '2,' and the most useful '3' gear, which is what makes its good snow handling possible. Compared to the 1990 Volvo 740, which had only '1' and '2' speeds, slid, skidded, and handled poorly in snow, this is the best Volvo for snow driving I have ever seen.
I have made some custom improvements, as well. To prevent rust, I caulked the front and back windows with 35 year rated caulk, and I removed the front carpets, and 'upper coated' the floors with rubberized body undercoat [and of course put the carpet back in] the under padding is replaced with water repellent oil sheeting; and I include clear plastic mats to put over the original floor mats (the original blue mats are still beautiful, from being covered for 6 years). This way, even if water penetrated the windows (impossible, now), it would not corrode the floors. I also upper coated the inside of the trunk and wheel wells, and caulked the trunk, engine, and body weather moldings. There is no rust on the car, and though there never was, I credit my rust protection for keeping it this way.
I rely on this car more than any other, so it loss would be great. Its also a great, fun, pleasure to drive--the turbo charger, the first feature to attract me, works perfectly, gives very good power, is audible at all speeds and all times, which is oneof myfavorite features, and what I'd miss most. I would also miss the power sunroof, which on cool nights is wonderful. These engines were originally used in trucks, and this engine has a truck-like feel and sound to it, as the turbo charger sounds like that in an over-the-road truck. Another thing I appreciate and will miss about this car is the perfection of the doors and door jambs, where there is NO rust. This section looks new, and is the opposite of the old 1985's doors/jambs, which rusted out & through. This is something about the car that I've always been aware of, but never fully appreciated, until now. Its predecessor had 23 years of Ziebart treatment, which included drilling holes in the door jambs, filling them with undercoat, and closing them with plastic caps. But that Ziebart treatment proved to be the WORST thing to do to that car,because it promoted rust, by breaching the paint and metal exposing them to the elements. From the photos of this car's doors/jambs, you can see this destructivetreatment was never done. These parts are perfection, clean and looknew; there isn't even dirt or grease in the hinges. And I should add, it has much stronger paint than earlier ones, and this is why it has repelled and resisted rust for 30 years.
This is a 30 year old used car, and is not perfect, but I've made a great investment in it over 6 years, and it will continue serve anyone else as well as its served me. At 146,734 miles, and with many essential parts replaced, as well as retaining many original ones, its not even halfway through its life expectancy. I'dhave no concern driving it anywhere, and would choose to drive this over the one I'm keeping.
As this is a 30 year old car for private sale, I cannot offer any warranties, of any kind. I signed such a statement when I bought it at 24 from that Chicago dealership 6 years ago.
I have some spare parts for inclusion, as well, fuses, tires and a new a/c compressor. About these parts--I'd planned toreplace the rims and 195/70R14 tires with 205/55R15 tires to improve already surprisingly good snow handling with bigger wheels, and to give appearance of a bigger car, on advise of a 760 owner who's car had been so modified, but had an easier time finding the tires than the rims. And the new spare A/C compressor and fuses are pictured, as well.