Vega pro street drag car hot rod street rod project play toy tubbed collector

  • Price: Ask a price!
  • Location: Unionville, Virginia, United States
  • Condition: Used
  • Make: Chevrolet
  • Model: Other
  • Year: 1977
  • Mileage: 1,111,111
  • VIN: Vegaboylol1977
  • Vehicle Title: Clear

1977 Chevrolet Other Description

))))))))))ATTENTION((((((((((((( I am relisting due to guy bidding the car up having it at 10,099.00 the last 5 days or so then decided at last 1hr and 1/2 that he wanted cancell bid cause bunch exscuse stuff he said,,,well for rcord to i will not accept anybid from someone with a 0 also cause that was a problem to that made since noiw,,,then it messed and spooked bidder under him but i got clarified to him what happen!!!!!!!!! so for this time and last time no 0 people,no bidding or window shopping for fun iv you aint serious or got money dont bid.....cause dont need my time wasted...and to add from messages i got not interested in trading for nothin i have enough now hince reason of sale at moment,,,and like i said to others wanting a 30-40 thousand one off show car and stuff messageing me((go to barrett jackson)) but they still aint flawless lol,,,,,beeen thier,,,sold thier,,,,,lol,,so that being said i will not cancell bids for (( no one)))) no more it is what it is and action will be taken all this stuff is dumb childish and waste time,,,,thats why i quit messing on here for while,,and((((((( i think this time ill reserve right to sell local if someone wants it and shows right cash))))))))))) cause buddys are talkin it round at track tomorrow and all,,the reason i dont take it is because not gonna run it while selling on here not that type person and cause im buisy building doin my stuff with shop and new house at moment then to go sit at track all day at moment,,,,((((so everyone read everything in detail be serious and dont waste time))))) great day car is what is and expect whats exspected and wont give it away niether,,,like i see half these on here over 10 grand with few decalls or whatever,,or any other cars for that fact i been in this long enough to know all look better in pics than person everyone knows that some upfront some aint but ideal with cars and buld them for a living so,,,,,think ive about covered everthing and what happen thier,,,,thanks and have great day,,,77 vega drag/pro street ((turn key))I bought end last year,,,,I haven't done much snice previous owner of having it due to being buisy,moved putting up shop as seen and alot goin on with my other rods at moment,,,,only driven few times around on antique tags,,,ya know open header and slicks on back at moment,,,,lol,,, but it's powered by 406 sbc,4 bolt,not sure cam size,11.5.1 comp,pro 1 aluminum heads,roller rockers,edelbrock Victor jr intake,holley 830 carb,electric waterpump,aluminum radiator well pictures speak,,,has dedenbar delay box inside,shift solenoid on shifter, has powerglide transmission and has transbrake,,,has line lock,,,full cage,right now has 4.30 gear installed for little street friendly,in ford 9 in rear, with 4 link setup,,,car is back halfed,,,,has 31/14.50 Hoosier on back at moment (slicks) nitrous bottle guy before me put in for looks not hooked up or nothing,,,use take it to town local cruise in and stuff he said sorta quit racing so much that's why gear change and all cause he was running 5 somethings up thier in thier,,,has polished coated shorty headers on open at moment,,,,,try think of things car has good potential,,,,of course we all like change,dress up and do certain things to stuff our way,,,,,I had some plans of my own,,,need updated belts to race and prolly gear change for 1/8th maybe,, he did tell me with other gears ran 6 one at track 1/8 mile I personally have not ran it at track and don't have those gears but very provable,,,my buddies running 421sbc at track running 5.30 1/8 so,,,,but have not did myself should surely be 6's though,,,,,lol,,,,,to really be street car not on antique tags,,,lol,,,,needs little light wiring done,,,,although I put new wiring in everything thier labeled all way down them,,,,I'm just so buisy with move,buildings,,,28 model a chop top,70 nova,51 chevy fleetline at moment and my truck also I'm building,,,,plus my daily work and customers stuff ain't had to much time,,,so on back burner here,,,figured let go and just get finished what got goin on at moment,,,,,to much stuff yall know how it is,,,,,might get another later down rd,,,,that's why they call me vega boy and that's what's on the tags that were on it,,,,,I had,,,,lol,,, the powered by god on the cowl is from the gentlemen I got it from he was a religious guy,,,,wich nothin wrong with that I am to but just stating why it said that,,,seen what these cars goin for lately around and on here figure price is fair,,,and give room to do whatever you might want or change or drive and tinker or whatever,,,hince why I'm not wantin 20 grand or any thing like other people,,,car turn key for like roller price,,,,,,but gives you the extra to do what you want,,,,,excuse me if forgot anything buisy,,,,lol,,,trying think off top my head if question just ask,,,,,,,,,,,sold as is where is,,,,,no warranty,,,,,lol,,,not responsible for shipping,,,,you do the shipping I will help anyway I can with the shipper and loading or anything,,,,,please don't waste my time,,,,money to be transfered to me and clear before leaves,,,,I don't deal with scammed or play games,,,,,ohhhhh yes the could used clean job had pulled out shop and pollen is rediculous but oh well I been buisy gonna throw wash job on it,,,,,,,,car is not 30 thousand doller or better show car so don't expect it,,,,,niether half ones I've seen people been buying on her for more than asking for mine,,,,fair rolling price maybe cheaper from what I've seen,,,,,lol,,,,,something good work with have fun,,,,any questions just shout,,,,,serious ones though,,ship anywhere but you responsible for it and I get paid before hand,,,thanks,,,,,,,,,it is local pickup shown for shipping but just had put that,,,,,,if you pay for your shipping I will help like I said above in loading and working with shipper,,,,I know how that is and done many alot times cheaper than goin myself lol,,,,oh and also I know my feed back stuff seems off lol,,,, I haven't done much on ebay for awhile,,,,alota when on over past couple years not gonna get into ya know woman problems,,,lol,,,but no scam everything legit,,,can always click on profile and look recent feedback if needed,,, thanks,,,,,