1962 Pontiac Catalina Vista Hardtop 4-Door 19.5K ORIGINAL MILES Classic Antique

  • Location: Mountain City, Tennessee, United States
  • Condition: Used
  • Make: Pontiac
  • Model: Catalina
  • SubModel: Vista Hardtop 4-Door
  • Type: Sedan
  • Trim: Vista Hardtop 4-Door
  • Year: 1962
  • Mileage: 19500
  • VIN: 362W3780
  • Color: Green
  • Engine size: V-8 389cc 2bbl
  • Number of cylinders: 8
  • Power options: Air Conditioning
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Drive type: RWD
  • Interior color: Green
  • Drive side: Left-hand drive
  • Safety options: Speed Alert device
  • Options: Leather Seats
  • Vehicle Title: Clean

1962 Pontiac Catalina Vista Hardtop 4-Door Description

1962 Pontiac Catalina Vista 4-DoorHardtop

Only 19,500 original miles

  • 389cc 6.4L V-8 gasoline
  • 267HP V-8 Hydra-Matic
  • Rochester 2bbl carburetor (7020073, B K1 24)
    • Automatic transmission (P62-30659)
    • Rear wheel drive
    • Body style BW577
    • VIN 362W3780
    • Clean title

    Pontiac offered a variety of engine options for the 1962 Catalina Vista Hardtop. Specific horsepower for the 6.4L 389cc / Rochester 2-barrel carburetor configuration under this hood is 267HP V-8 Hydra-Matic.


    • Virtually everything is original
    • Original Paint: Silverleaf Green / Cameo Ivory
    • Original Trim: 228 Green
    • Original Air conditioning
    • Original Speed alert / Warning device for speedometer
    • Original U.S. Royal Safety 800 spare tire, jack, and lug wrench
    • Original P225/78-l4back two tires on the vehicle (front two are newer)
    • Original P225/78-l4extra tire is in the trunk (in addition to the spare)

    Exterior dimensions

    • Length: 212.3 in (5392 mm)
    • Width: 79.6 in (2022 mm)
    • Height: 55.0 in (1397 mm)
    • Wheelbase: 120.0 in (3048 mm)
    • Front Track: 62.5 in (1588 mm)
    • Rear Track: 62.5 in (1588 mm)
    • Weight: 3,826 lbs (1735.44 kg)

    Vehicle history

    Assembled in Wilmington, Delaware the 2nd week of November, 1962. Designed to seat 6. Our family is the second owner, purchased from the first owner in MD at 15,000 miles.Original bill of sale from the dealership (Fenner Pontiac, Bethesda, MD) is included.The vehicle is now located in TN with approximately 19,500 original miles. It is currently driven minimally but regularly for maintenance purposes. It has always been garaged. No mechanical or cosmetic alterationshave been made to this vehicle besides maintenance. Those details are noted below.

    Recent mechanical history

    • Replaced belts - 2/1982
    • Replaced muffler - 4/2000
    • Replaced master cylinder - 1/2013 (at 18000 miles)
    • Replaced fuel pump - 4/2014 (at 18700 miles)
    • Replaced sending unit - 4/2014
    • Replaced upper and lowerradiator hoses - 4/2014
    • Replaced pinion seal - 4/2014
    • Repaired/rebuilt original transmission - 4/2014 (Zionville Transmission Service, NC)
    • Replaced spark plugs - 4/2014
    • Repaired front and rear wheel cylinders - 4/2014
    • Replaced brake hoses and brake fluid - 4/2014
    • Replaced battery - 8/2016
    • Replaced stripped left rear bolts - 2/2017 (at 19200 miles)
    • Replaced 2 front tires and all tires balanced - 2/2017
    • All brake shoes checked and adjusted - 10/2019 (at 19400 miles)
    • Replaced low beam on passenger side - 10/2019
    • Checked for carburetor leak (see below) - 10/2019

    • Very slight dent in left rear bottom side panel
    • Minor scratches on hood and rear below trunk area
    • Minor paint chips/rust spots have been touched up on side doors
    • Left front tire has reverse third lug nuts; turn clockwise to loosen; the rest are typical
    • Window washer unit sprayer container has a small crack
    • Slight front oil seal leak
    • Air conditioning may need attention (It has been in a cool climate and has not been recharged)
    • Carburetor service recommended (Sometimes needs starter fluid, especially in cold weather and when it hasn't been started for a while. Mechanic's opinion about this: "The power valve sometimes has a tendency to loosen and allow leakage from the fuel bowl [and can impede gas mileage and consistent starting without starter fluid]. It sits between the two primary jets and just requires tightening. The carburetor probably needs to be refreshed from years of little use and the gas sitting in the carburetor. Those carbs are very simple and easy to rebuild. A little cleaner and a rebuild kit is very cheap and easy to install. Do not trade [yours] for a rebuilt carburetor! Yours has almost no wear and a replacement rebuild will probably be very worn, especially at the throttle valves... Cleaning or replacing the points will also be a big help.")

    Historical context

    "The 1962 Pontiacs received a heavy facelift from the 1961 design with more rounded body contours and new rooflines on two-door hardtops featuring convertible-like bows. Catalina sedans and coupes got a 1-inch (25 mm) wheelbase increase to 120", after spending 1961 on a 119-inch (3,000 mm) length shared with full-sized Chevys (Safari wagons retained the 119-inch (3,000 mm) wheelbase through 1964). Most regular engine and transmission offerings were carried over from 1961 with the 389 cu in (6.4 L) Trophy V8, ranging in power ratings from 215 hp (160 kW) to 348 hp (260 kW). A small number of 1962 Catalinas and other Pontiacs were built with a "non-streetable" 421 cu in (6.9 L) Super Duty V8 with two four-barrel carburetors and 405 hp (302 kW), as a US$2,250 option (when the base Catalina listed at US$2,725),[9] along with various "over the counter" performance options offered by Pontiac including aluminum bumpers and even lighter frames with drilled holes (which were dubbed the "Swiss cheese" frames)." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pontiac_Catalina

    "By 1961, the excesses of the late 1950s were mostly gone and U.S. car manufacturers were trimming fins and acres of chrome. Pontiac was five years into Bunkie Knudsen’s reign, and John DeLorean was making his presence felt as the horsepower wars heated up in earnest. Drivers like Fireball Roberts, Junior Johnson and David Pearson won 21 of 52 NASCAR races and the Super Duty 421-cid V-8s were the engines to beat.Pontiac had success in the sales race, too, making its way to third place in 1961. The division had a dizzying lineup of 15 standard models, plus the new Tempest compact. Top seller for Pontiac in 1961 was the Catalina.Like all big cars, the Catalina was downsized for 1961, and its base engine was the 215-hp, 389-cid V-8, but options ranged all the way to the 405-hp Super Duty 421-cid V-8. The top-selling body style was the $2,700 four-door sedan, though a variety of two-doors, station wagons, and convertibles were available.Pontiac tidied up its styling for 1962, with a V-shaped twin grill, full length side-trim, and a multi-plane, convertible-look roof on hardtops. Catalina sales almost doubled to more than 200,000, and while 68,000 were four-door sedans, a surprising 46,000 two-door hardtops were sold.Catalina sales stayed strong in 1963. The bodies were redesigned with clean square shapes and vertically stacked headlights. Engines ranged from 389-cid to 421-cid V-8s, but now there were five horsepower levels of the big 421. Pontiac remained in the third spot for U.S. sales.For 1964 the full-size Pontiac design was squared up further still, and a 2+2 style package was offered on the Catalina. Sales rose again to nearly 260,000, with virtually all of those being equipped with a Hydra-matic automatic transmissions, making 4-speeds a very desirable option today.For modern day enthusiasts, the 1961 to 1964 Pontiac Catalina is an excellent choice for a starter collectible. Their large production numbers mean parts are easily available, and plenty are available in a variety of conditions. Catalinas are sturdy, and their styling has worn well. High horsepower options are potent street machines and carry a price premium, but are worth seeking out. For these states of tune in particular, make sure documentation supports the car’s currently equipped engine."https://www.hagerty.com/

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